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[INVALID] Adison - Sellsword_Foxy - Clogg

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Your name at the time of the incident: Adison

Their name at the time of the incident: Sellsword_Foxy

The time of the incident (GMT): 20:08 GMT

The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): Clog

Full story of what happened: we declare war on his and his friend(foxy was lord). We killed them, then his friend left server. Foxy played around 2 min and left too

Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much:-

Evidence: Logs

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I was naked, i got killed by your faction, i spawned i left the castle and i was running around the map, waiting for you to cap while i saw you with a banner, i asked if you will cap, but you said you lost your banner and, you were looking for it. After some minutes i just left. Its the second report on me, you rly try to ban me hard as you said on the global chat, but aint working pal. And no refund hahha even if it was valid, i would not give u nothing, ban mongering.

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 22:02:12 - OGABOOGA (FID: 7) attacked Sellsword_Foxy (FID: -1) with Heavy Lance dealing 37 damage. 
 22:02:12 - OGABOOGA <img=ico_spear> Sellsword_Foxy 
 22:02:12 - Sellsword_Foxy dropped a loot (IID: 3336). 
 22:06:43 - [Sellsword_Foxy] you still capping or what lol 
 22:06:49 - [Adison] we cant find banner 

Looks like you already killed him and then he spawned as a naked, I cannot see any reason why he should not leave while you are looking for banner. Foxy's defense also confirms what I see on logs. 

Combat logging:

Logging out on mass after a war is declared, is not permitted under any circumstances. Whilst the admin team continues to accept that players can..

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The complaint has been invalidated by a server admin.

If you disagree with how the complaint was resolved proceed in the following order:

  1. Send a private message to the admin that resolved your complaint and try to resolve the situation.
  2. Post a staff complaint here if you were unable to resolve the situation with the aforementioned admin.

Locked & Moved.

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