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so rdming the same person over and over is 1 rdm?

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Somehow I missed this topic whilst being away.

There is a template for bans implemented, but only after the first ban was made. Furthermore, I intentionally punish people who blatantly RDM, based on the logs, with bans until appeal to force them to come to the forums to read the rules, especially during waves of new players such as during a new server. This is common practice and was the case even back in the days of Bridge / Michael being HAs on Phoenix

I understand your confusion, but as the disclaimer in the rules states, bans vary for reasons outside of your field of view so you should not complain if two reports that seemingly look the same are treated differently.


Admins reserve the right to issue punishments at their own discretion, bans may vary in length depending on the situation and on the player's attitude to the complaint, and there is no set template for punishments, every complaint is different.


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