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Absence & PK 1.2.3

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As of today, I will be away for the next 2 or 3 weeks training with the Army and moving back to my flat at my University.

@Lindblom has been assigned HA and will therefore deal with admin matters in my absence and there will likely be another admin joining him in this role soon. @Bridge Troll and @Lindblom both have access to the server box so will be able to deal with any technical issues in the unlikely event that they should arise.

During my absence there will be long periods of time where I am unable to read any messages I receive, so you should direct all queries to the relevant person. If, however, you need to speak to me directly then you should either message me on Discord or the forums rather than Steam.


PK 1.2.3

As of yesterday, PK 1.2.3 was released as a small server side update aimed at fixing the long existing gear despawning glitch.

If you find any other ways to despawn items, glitch, etc. in PK, please message me the details and I will look to resolve them with similar small server side updates when I return. I already have a small list of glitches to resolve, which I'd prefer to fix in PK rather than asking admins to hunt through logs and punish people for abusing them.


Player Portal

I already have a minimal player portal deployed allowing players to see their player information, offences and a little information about the server (population count, who's online and a graph to show player count over time). Currently, only admins have access to this portal to allow them to test it. Although it seems ready I am hesitant to release it while I am absent in case any issues arise.

On my return I will continue to add more features to the portal, including the ability to transfer money between players, an online shop, a reporting system to ensure that forum reports use the correct information and possibly clan banks.

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