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Platform Rules

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Platform Rules

  1. Forum Rules
  2. Forum Guidelines
  3. Warning system
  4. Contact

1. Forum Rules

By posting on our platform you agree to the following rules. Specific parts of the forum might be subject to a different or additional set of rules. If that's the case you will find the aforementioned rules stickied within the subforum to which they pertain.

No spam

  • Spam hinders the forum and makes relevant information harder to find. Avoid using it to try and get your point across or to get attention.

Excessive toxicity

  • We understand that not everyone can like each other and that we're all part of a diverse community whose members have different views on various topics. However, keep the toxic behaviour to normal levels. Moderators are the judge and jury when it comes to enforcing this rule.

No porn, links to porn sites

  • Forum visitors range from pre-teens to retirees. As such we want our content to be free of such activities. Ignoring this rule will lead to a permanent ban.

No piracy, links to pirated content or anything of the sort

  • We are legally accountable for all content posted on our platform. As such we do not allow any mention or sharing of piracy, pirated content, content that infringes copyrights. 

No posting & linking of graphical content

  • Linking or posting of graphical content such as a person's death, scenes of violence, child pornography etc. is not allowed and will be treated accordingly.

Signatures & avatars

  • Signatures with abnormally large size will be removed. Likewise, signatures or avatars that break the forum rules will be removed.

Our word is final

  • While we aim to please the majority of the community you should consider this forum privately owned and as such not bound to any "motos" such as free speech etc.
  • Note: Not all situations can be covered within the forum rules. Use your common sense when posting to avoid getting restricted or banned.

2. Forum Guidelines

Keep to the topic at hand

  • Try and stay on the road set by the original topic creator. While we allow for various deviations, consider creating a new topic if you believe your post will deviate from the original post too much.

Let the staff do their job

  • The staff decides what happens when somebody breaks the forum rules. As such, avoid replying and further escalating the situation. Instead, hit the report button and wait for it to be resolved. 

Public vs Private

  • If you have a grievance with a particular community member, take it to the PMs. Don't litter the forums with a personal conversation.

My post has been locked/hidden/deleted

  • A moderator may lock or delete your post. The reason for that is usually very apparent but if that's not the case feel free to send a PM to a member of moderation and ask for clarification.

3. Warning system

The warning system is fairly simple. If you break the forum rules you will receive warning points based on the rule you broke. The number of warning points you already have and have now received then calculates a befitting punishment.

Trying to circumvent your punishment by creating another account will result in your original punishment being extended and your alt accounts permanently removed.

Warning points expire after 30 days.

4. Contact

If you have an issue with a member of staff or how they have handled a situation, send a private message to the staff member in question. If that isn't suitable or if you still haven't resolved your issue feel free to contact another member of staff via a private message.

If you're unable to use the forum private message system (because you're banned) do not create a new account. Instead, contact the staff members on community discord or other platforms.

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