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Server Switch

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Hello all,

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the lag that everything has undeniably experience the last few day, especially yesterday when our attempt at giving WSE2 a go didn't go very well at all.

Thanks to @Lindblom we now have a a i7-7700k server from Webtropia... the same one used to run EU World's with little lag. This server costs us 62 euros a month, so will be setting up a donation system very soon. We need to ensure that the server is completely funded each month through the donation system or we will be forced to take it down.

As recognition of the issues that this lag and the server switch has caused everyone, all players will receive a refund of 50k. No other refunds will be given out for any losses during the server switch.

Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience caused over the past few days.

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