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A Week in Review

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In PK.js I have incorporated a statistics system to help me monitor the server and ensure everything is going well. I and the other admins that have access to the system find some of the stats interesting so I thought I would share some highlights for everyone to see how the server has grown in the last week...

As of me posting this, we have 924 unique GUIDs / player accounts that have connected to the server. Quite interestingly, the growth seems to be remaining at quite a consistent rate, minus some dips during the night time periods. In the last 24 hours, we have gotten another 100 unique GUIDs. It will be interested to see when this begins to level off.


These GUIDs are spread over around 1.3k IP addresses. The greater amount of IPs than GUIDs is likely caused by dynamic IP addresses.



The player count over time has shown it's usual peaks and troughs. We reached our peak today with ~178 players, despite issues with lag and map downloads.



The total gold in the economy has gone up steadily due to people's starting gold, however, there is a noticeable sudden increase during the time that Bolton's did a huge gold mining trip.

There is currently 142.5 million gold in the economy. Given the amount of starting gold issued per GUID we should expect to see 148 million, so it looks like overall people have spent more gold than they have earned.

Note that the amount of pouch gold shows sudden increases / decreases as it only updates when people disconnect from the server.





We current have 11 admins...


But, they have already issued 84 bans and 31 warnings.




We also record the amount of gold each individual player has over time for anti duping monitoring. If you are interested in seeing your graph then send me a PM with your GUID and I will send you a copy.

I hope you found these statistics as interesting as I did.

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