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[INVALID]Round_Hexagon_The_Sequel - Pomaranczek RDM

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Your name at the time of the incident: Round_Hexagon_The_Sequel

Their name at the time of the incident: Pomaranczek

The time of the incident (GMT): 11:30 14. August 2019

The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM

Full story of what happened: Was breaking down the ladder they built to our castle without being at war. This pole just came and rdmed me and when i asked about refund he sent slurs.

Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 20000 Denars

Evidence: Logs and video if required

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Posted (edited)


Here are the logs

Dust & pomaranczek being in the same faction

 10:31:46 - *FACTION* kebaben [Dust] half 
 10:31:48 - *FACTION* kebaben [pomaranczek] kurwa ma glos

Dust was the one who built the ladder (He's engineer and had a repair hammer. You also said it)

 10:33:25 - Dust (FID: 5) attacked pomaranczek (FID: -1) with Repair Hammer dealing 0 damage. 


You're allowed to build a ladder when your faction isn't at war, in a raid for exemple. I would consider this ladder as kebaben's property. You broke their factions property so they had a reason to kill you.


The complaint is invalid, thanks for reporting,



Edited by Helem

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The complaint has been invalidated by a server admin.

If you disagree with how the complaint was resolved proceed in the following order:

  1. Send a private message to the admin that resolved your complaint and try to resolve the situation.
  2. Post a staff complaint here if you were unable to resolve the situation with the aforementioned admin.

Locked & Moved.

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