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Player Complaint Rules & Template

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Player Complaint Rules

  1. Template
  2. Player Complaint Creation Rules
  3. Player Complaint Commenting Rules

1. Template

All Player Complaints must follow the following format:

Title: [Your Name] - [Their Name] - [Type of Offence (RDM / Combat Log / etc)]


Your name at the time of the incident: 

Their name at the time of the incident: 

The time of the incident (in UTC+2😞 

The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): 

Full story of what happened: 

Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much:



2. Player Complaint Creation Rules

Prior to posting a Player Complaint, please make sure that your complaint abides by the following rules:

Player Complaint Title

  • The title of a complaint is one of the most important parts of the template. Failing to follow the title template mentioned above will result in your complaint being immediately invalidated.


  • Player Complaints must be created using the timezone specified in the template. Using any other timezone, even if specified, will result in your complaint being marked as invalid.

Time Constraints

  • Player complaints must be created within 24 hours of the incident.
  • The only exception to this is when strong evidence, i.e. a video of a combat log, exists. In this case a complaint may be created within 72 hours of the incident.
  • In the event evidence cannot be provided within this period, i.e. one cannot upload a video within that time frame, then this must be stated in the complaint and the evidence should be supplied at the earliest possible opportunity.

Posting for Others

  • It is not permitted to post complaints on behalf of other players. All complaints should be made from the forum account of the victim of the incident.
  • The only exception to this rule is when the victim is banned from the forums. In this case a friend of the victim may post the complaint written / supplied by the victim.

Accuracy & Detail

  • The accuracy of the information included within a complaint is imperative. Failing to ensure the information included within a complaint is accurate and true to fact will result in the complaint being invalidated and/or will result in a punishment for misleading admins.
  • An admin can only solve a complaint accurately if there is enough detail included in the complaint and the description of what happened. A complaint should detail what happened leading up to and after the incident where relevant. Not including enough detail in a complaint may result in it being invalidated.

Independent Complaints

  • A separate complaint / topic should be created for each incident of potential rule breaking. This will allow admins to deal with them separately allowing complaints to be resolved quicker.


  • Refusing a refund makes one ineligible to receiving an admin refund after the complaint has been solved.
  • An admin refund will only be given if one offered to accept a refund and the player refused to offer one or never responded to the complaint.

3. Player Complaint Commenting Rules

When commenting on a Player Complaint, please ensure you abide by the following rules:


  • One should only comment on a complaint when they are directly involved in the incident. Being a clanmate, clan leader, etc. of those involved does not make one involved in the incident.
  • If one has evidence of the incident, but is not involved, they are permitted to post this evidence within the complaint.


  • Comments in a complaint must be relevant to the incident / the complaint. Off topic talk / banter makes solving complaints harder for admins and therefore is not permitted.

Excessive toxicity

  • We understand that not everyone can like each other and that we're all part of a diverse community whose members have different views on various topics. However, keep the toxic behavior away from player complaints.

Platform Rules

  • In addition to complying with the rules listed above, one is reminded that they must comply with the Platform Rules at all times.

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