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EU Kingdoms Server Rules


RDM (Random death match):
You must have a valid kill reason to kill somebody outside of war. Valid reasons can be but are not limited to:

  • Someone insulted you. (Animations do not count).
  • Someone aiming at you (Screenshot needed).
  • Someone attacking a faction member or engaging in open hostilities with them.
  • Someone previously robbed you.
  • Being kicked or punched once.
  • Being bumped twice.
  • Ignoring a reasonable demand such as "No loot".
  • Theft of your or your factions items (Food, Money, Carts) etc.

You don't have a kill reason for anything that happened outside of the game (E.G Steam or Teamspeak interactions).

Killbaiting is prohibited(i.e. placing loot only to gain a killreason).

Commoner & Outlaws:

  • Only Outlaws may rob horses/items (This includes taking items from carts while the owner is halted).
  • Only Outlaws may demand players to dismount their horse.
  • No other faction may help Outlaws be it directly or indirectly nor can Outlaws help others.
  • Outlaws do not need to request help to be assisted by other outlaws.
  • Commoners with clear group tags are considered to be in a group and can be treated as a faction.

NRR (No revenge rule):

  • You may not initiate hostilities with your previous assailants unless in a war or skirmish. (You may return to help your faction members if the skirmish is still on-going, albeit you may not start the hostilities again. For example, if the skirmish is over you may not then go and attack your previous killers.)
  • You may not attack your killers for saying 'No loot', however, you are allowed to loot even when told not to.
  • You may initiate hostilities with your previous assailants if they're still breaking your factions property after you respawn.


  • Any area where two factions are engaging in is considered a war zone, you travel through there at your own risk.

War rules:

  • When declaring a war you need to clearly state once in global chat that you are declaring on the given faction, and include the reason e.g "Declaring War on The Kingdom of Swadia - Reason: Land".
  • When declaring war on another faction, a legitimate capture attempt must be made within 30 minutes, or the war must be peaced. The valid attempts must be renewed every 30 minutes. A valid attempt means that it must be in respect of your faction's size.
  • You cannot war a faction which has no land.
  • The defending faction may redeclare within a 30-second timer without the need to state it in the chat.
  • Default wars from server restarts are not seen as legitimate wars and will, therefore, be considered RDM.
  • At least 70% of your faction must be in your castle or the Mercenary camp before you declare. You may not have banners in or close to the enemy castle.
  • War may not be used to hide RDM.

Combat logging:

  • You may not log out during a hostile situation or directly after one.
  • Logging out on mass after a war is declared, is not permitted under any circumstances. Whilst the admin team continues to accept that players can, abiding by the above rule, log out individually during a war: mass logging of a faction in a castle under active siege is considered Combat-Logging. The High-Command responsible for the Mass-Logging will be held responsible for the actions of the entire clan and will receive the punishment for them.


  • You may not issue a demand resulting in a die or die situation.
  • You must give someone 10 seconds to comply with a demand (The only exception for this is "halt" where a reasonable amount of time, ~5 seconds, must be given for the player to comply).
  • You may not demand a player to not speak or to speak in any chat (Local, Global or Faction).
  • You can't demand someone to insult another player/faction etc.
  • Forced ERP is illegal.
  • The word heal is not considered a demand.

Looting rule:

  • If you kill someone, their loot is yours. You may kill anyone seen looting it within a 30-second time-frame. You loot at your own risk.


  • When halting you need to say the name, eg. "Halt Jim". If you just say "Halt" it is invalid.
  • You must either halt every single member in a group, or you can halt by faction name e.g "Rhodoks halt!".
  • To halt a in-game faction you must specify that you refer to the faction and not the tags, eg halt Blue faction. To say "Halt Blue" only halts members in "Blue" tags.


  • You may only imprison someone for a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • You may not kill a prisoner if their faction does not pay a ransom.
  • You may only imprison people who are trespassing on your land.
  • In the case of imprisonment, all demands formulated to the prisoners MUST BE reasonable. Demands may not be used to abuse the system and to bait for kill reasons. Admins reserve the right to decide if a demand is reasonable or not.

In-Game Complaint and Admins:

  • To request an admin, message a single message in admin chat (backspace) explaining what happened, when and who was involved. Messages that do not include this information will be ignored.
  • Do not spam admin chat! Message once or if they fail to reply within 20 minutes send another or make a forum complaint.
  • You cannot have any hostilities towards / as a player talking to an admin wearing admin armor. Any attacking, punching, kicking, etc. of such players (or admin) will result in you being slayed / banned. Should someone talking to an admin initiate on you please report it to that admin and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.

Admin heals:

  • Admins can heal for 10000 gold under 40 players. Ask an admin for a heal by pressing Backspace.
  • Admin heals cannot be given while a faction is under siege/sieging or in combat.

Exploiting glitches/bug abusing:

  • Abusing scripts or bugs on the map to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
  • Carts may not be used to obstruct or inhibit other players. For example, using a cart to obstruct movement in a siege scenario.
  • Horses may not be used to block spawns.
  • You may not kick a player from your faction while they are spawning in.

Assassination contracts:

  • The person who is given the contract must provide the name of the person they are killing and the person who provided the contract in the admin chat.
  • Only people in the commoner/outlaw faction may take contracts.
  • A valid kill reason is needed to issue a contract.


  • Griefing of faction property is illegal (Mass Breaking Doors/Chests, Buying out stocks, etc. is not allowed).
  • Glitching or hiding unused carts with the intent to prevent other factions from using them is considered griefing.
  • Killings animals for no reason is considered griefing and will be punished.
  • Despawning gear by using a glitch is considered griefing and is not allowed.

Admin Disclaimer:

  • Admins reserve the right to issue punishments at their own discretion, bans may vary in length depending on the situation and on the player's attitude to the complaint, and there is no set template for punishments, every complaint is different.
  • Admins reserve the right to force players to accept refunds in complaints.
  • Admins are not required to help you when not wearing Admin Tags (TA, GA, HA & SO). If no admins are online you are asked to make a forum complaint. Obvious, exceptions would include Mass RDM and other incidents that affect a large amount of the server population.
  • The server automatically restarts at 6AM GMT (7AM BST). Admins will not be liable for any losses due to automatic restarts. To avoid loosing your player data please do not store any items in chests or carts and please disconnect prior to the restart.


Do not attempt to loophole this ruleset. Doing so will result in harsh punishments.

Use common sense where applicable!
If you have a kill reason that is not identifiable in the logs, it is your responsibility to provide the evidence.


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  • The server automatically restarts at 6AM GMT (7AM BST). Admins will not be liable for any losses due to automatic restarts. To avoid loosing your player data please do not store any items in chests or carts and please disconnect prior to the restart.


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