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[SOLVED] [PENDING] Crude_MrWolf - Knigh_Jin_of_Bohemia - RDM

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Warnings have been issued furthermore we have Complained rules stick to them, also keep the toxicity low  no matter who started it. Keep the complaint clean.


@Jindran Do you want to refund the 5k?

The Logs:


 17:50:04 - Knight_Jin_of_Bohemia (FID: 3) attacked Crude_MrWolf (FID: -1) with Flanged Mace dealing 46 damage. 
 17:50:04 - Knight_Jin_of_Bohemia <img=ico_blunt> Crude_MrWolf 
 17:50:04 - Knight_Jin_of_Bohemia killed a member of a friendly faction! 


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definition of insulting "speak to or treat with disrespect or scornful abuse."
definition of sarcasm "the use of irony to mock or convey contempt." 

If take these words as insult, then im feeling pity for you boya. 

Edited by Jindran

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The complaint has been solved by a server admin.

If you disagree with how the complaint was resolved proceed in the following order:

  1. Send a private message to the admin that resolved your complaint and try to resolve the situation.
  2. Post a staff complaint here if you were unable to resolve the situation with the aforementioned admin.

Locked & Moved.

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