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Admin Team - Recruiting!

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Hello all,

As a reminder, the admin team is always recruiting. If you're interested in joining the admin team, then please apply here!

Over the last few weeks the admin team have been thin on the ground making it hard for us to give players the great experience they expect and we're therefore keen to have some more talented and experienced individuals join our team. If you are not experienced, fear not, we are still keen on giving you a shot providing you're keen and willing to learn the skills of admining.

If you're unsure of whether it's worth it, then please let me convince you with some of the benefits of being an admin:

  • Be involved in the official Persistent Kingdoms and have a lasting effect on the community and potentially the mod.
  • Have you say in improving the server, the rules, the community, etc.
  • Get exclusive early access to server features whilst they're being developed.
  • Have the chance to use one of the best admin panels PW / PK has ever had and provide feedback on the PK.js framework to contribute to future Persistent Kingdoms servers and potentially other upcoming mods.
  • Work along side other experienced and successful admins to provide players with a brilliant experience.
  • Receive in game rewards for your work.

If you have any questions about being an admin / the application process, please don't hesitate to send me a PM!

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