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Found 2 results

  1. People who are excessively toxic or just have a general lack of care for the rules (if they know them) should receive a harsher punishment. These people are cancer and should be treated as such. For those people who are apologetic or at least they genuinely think they are right should be treated normally and receive the normal punishment, but for those people who knowing RDM etc or who are toxic in doing so should be punished more - With a longer ban, or along side a ban bank wipes, class/character wipes etc e.g.
  2. Recently I waited 2 days before reporting, and even though its RDM without a doubt, all the complains were made invalid. There should be a 2 or 3 days grace period before complaints are made invalid. Some people really can't be bothered to report stuff as they happen, or sometimes they just cant at the time. I do understand the reasoning why you are meant to make a report quickly however, some complaints are drawn out for days and the evidence is kept for that so why not keep it for making the reports as well. e.g.
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