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  1. Niggah that is literally bullshit - and anyone can take any castle, lol The goldmine thing was actually a joke, not surprised that people believed it given how you all convinced yourself that the losses at the time were the mappers fault - a shame you haven't been able to get passed that, even today But yes, Heinz is a good map maker, however, deciding to meme a server is next level dumb stuff
  2. Just because he's a salty polak with 2 braincells doesn't mean his point doesn't make sense pal He might be using it as an excuse, which is sad, but that doesn't mean he's necessarily wrong
  3. Idk who lost to who and why, but he makes a fair point, lol. Using colours to win a fight is gay and that's why it wasn't allowed in the past. PW/PK is very limited when it comes to ''acknowledging teams'' so it makes sense to have some rules regarding this matter. Honestly, you can easily ghettolance retarded clan people with a different colour aswell
  4. When you realise I was called Bias because clans couldn't beat house Lannister and then this niggah hides actual chests Oh how times have changed
  5. Feel free to get some mapper kid to change it, but trust me; having simular stocks will get used by the neighbouring faction and will result in Casterly's stocks increasing while Lannisport ends up with empty stocks.
  6. That Back when we played it for the first time, people generally agreed that who ever held Casterly Rock would more or less controll Lannisport, therefor if I made Lannisport's armory too strong, the faction holding Casterly Rock would practically have two armories and lots of stuff to choose form Which A I N T F A I R
  7. Oh I am retired sorry I have no idea who does map stuff now
  8. I do not believe that Richfield in Game of Thrones ever had a capturepoint you can capture?
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