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  1. I would only pick the best looking armor and not all of them, as most of them look similar except the color. The animations and weapons do really look cool, but we are so near PK 1.3 i doubt there will be engouh time unless devs are gona push the version later
  2. Hey, i was wondering if the black death plague doctor armor could be a thing? It would perhaps add some roleplay feature, and u can spot a doctor easily And most of all, because it looks fucking cool Or a horde of those roaming the server and slaughtering all on their path to "cure" the world. Just some ideas tbh
  3. + The only true persistent kingdom youtuber
  4. Ah, but will they actually look like they are jailed in the device? will they sit on the spanish donkey correctly for example?
  5. Would make the pillory more fun, he might die slowly but throwing tomatoes speeds it up xd
  6. Are throwing tomatoes a thing? Would make it more fun
  7. Perhaps pledging your sword Looks something like this but with the head looking down and the sword higher
  8. For the pillory will the executioner axe actually have a function in it? Except for having more dmg its very slow and is not really of any use. Having a special animation only for the executioner axe would be a great thing if its possible.
  9. Hey, How has the module been progressing? is there new update on the horizon?
  10. Why do passwords even need those characters. It won't make it harder for hackers to find it using brute force. A long password yes but i doubt anyone will guess your password unless you're a complete retard
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