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  1. I have a picture for all of your retarded posts
  2. Imagine following commands from a mentally challenged clan leader?
  3. Biggest downside of donations is if some (mentally challenged) clan leaders donate a lot of stuff, they want something in return, other than the server and forum managed by us. Not saying that this is going to happen here, but it was the biggest Problem on Phoenix. There is nothing worse than being dependent on money donated by people who would steer this community downhill. The trade off so far has always been "I give monez, you RESPECT me and I want to do what I want with my clan". Personally I'd rather cap the server to 100 players then having the same shitty situation imported from phoenix.
  4. Hey there, we are onky the development team, bans are set by each individual server and only them have controll over these restrictions. Which server did you get a ban on? Maybe we can figure out the official webpage for that server
  5. The redwyne banner with the blue background looks better imo. I guess we should do either both or the blue one
  6. Nothing against new stuff to be added, but it is true that adding these things bloats the mod up quite a bit. Maybe we should not add stuff that is too specific on a certain era.
  7. If you are talking about brute force, it does make a small difference. While brute force attacks can be avoided when using a combination of length and a broad array of character sets. So if you add only one character from another language or from some unicode area, this will slow down the process quite a bit. Since the attacker does not know which character you've chosen he has to either include all characters or he misses some and will never find the password. There are 95 ASCii charactes which are normally used in passwords, A-z upper and lowercase, 0-9, and some special characters like !$%&/()=[]{} etc. If you add unicode characters, there are approximately 137928 more. So your attacker now has to test every character of your password not only for 95 different chars but 137928. No idea how many combinations that are but it's most likely a number we have to google for in order to find out how to pronounce it. Depending on your hardware anything above 6 to 8 characters would be unfeasible anyways as it would take too long, hardware that would surpass this is quite unlikely anyways as in "who wants to get your password if you've chosen one that you do not use anywhere else because of the password rules" Does not make much sense TL;DR Combination of characters and lengths makes a strong password against primitive brute force attacks. So these password rules are not too bad.
  8. @Gamble https://keepass.info/
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