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  1. its not toxic, its fact if ur reporting someone when u died after spawn with no hp and no equip. So 5k for admin heal ?? why ?? he had 20% hp not even full. Like i said before, he had a chance to go back to us to get a heal as we were both doctors, but he didnt, instead of it he choose report. Its not about 10k, its about common sense
  2. We bohemians left long time ago when we had enough of lannis, reports for shits etc. Now we are playing from time to time to have fun and most of us playing as doctors, not fighters. There was no intention to random naked people, thats all. Anyway solve it as u wish to, you wont get your 10K from us as u lost nothing. Dont rly mind about ban, we can go back on native again
  3. no one is toxic. He said sry. Logic would be to take a refund to get a heal, even tho he went to our castle naked with 20% hp. So what a shitty acting, making a report and asking for 10k refund ?? he could just go back to us and get a heal as we were docters but nah, instead of it report. Like old lannis times, reports everywhere for shits. Nope
  4. we as docters were healing reynes during war and didnt realize war was over. Sure he killed u after peace but u are just banmonger, nothing else. Went to our land right after war + u were naked and want 10k ?? u are silly boy, not him. U will get 500g for heal as u didnt lose anything, nothing else. Also its good to add, that you, crude boys attacked our faction right after peace and killed some reyne. Thats all about your intentions to go to our land again. Logs will show for example Crude mixtli killing reyne Best regards you banmonger, Mike of Bohemia
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