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  1. Thank you for all the visibility you're getting to this report by the way And sorry admins/mods for the clutter we're causing here, I hope that pushes the thread up! Also, of course I'm not dropping this, I'm pretty dedicated! If you want, go on, and tell him to report me, I think you know how that would end. I wont bother with more answers, from now on it's up to admins to contact me and sort this out / post down here with their considerations to keep the discussion going. Again, anyone who's not involved is discouraged from further uninformed posting. Have a nice day!
  2. That over here is a bold accusation by someone who wasn't around at the time, maybe not even online. Why couldn't I just want to disarm him? And also, why would I start a whole post just to get punished as well? I had nothing to lose
  3. I robbed no horse, no item and there was no cart involved! What's your point? That's exactly the rule I was referring to when I stated no rules were broken on my behalf. I can't see your point..?
  4. The item drop demand sadly is not illegal in the rules provided by staff. Stealing is, and no theft went underway. Then I guess that your push for "relevance" should leave the discussion to admins/users-with-the-right-competence. Please abstain from further thread cluttering if you don't have the tools to actually help with the discussion Ty and have a good day
  5. Here we go again. No item was stolen. No rule was broken on my side, and that's a fact that can be easily proved. The halt was NOT illegal, and that's referring to server rules posted on the forums. We're not here to juggle around with rules, but to have rulebreakers punished. Witnesses are fundamental to reinforce a statement, for your information. Krispin's rdm occurred while I was far away from the location of said rdm, and it did not aid me in any way, since nothing came into my pockets during said events. I actually lost money to a rulebreaker. Once again, please avoid making statements while ignoring completely the circumstances. I'm an fairly experienced player with full knowledge of the rules posted on these forums. Thank you, have a good day and keep me updated.
  6. Please, do not tag as rdm the logical continuation of a "halt" resistance and the logical answer to illegal actions: the "rdm" you mention was completely justified by rules, logic and circumstances. Do not mention illegal actions performed by Krispin, since I already stated I do not advocate for his actions. Report him if you want, I'm aware he broke rules. I hereby declare I didn't act a single time against the rules, I didn't steal no item, I did not make any illegal request. Logs can prove that too. I'm clearly not accusing Foxy, actually he's accusing you. He volunteered to testify against you. This is a whole list of arguments that should teach you to be aware of the context before accusing players and reacting illegally to legal moves: sadly none of the statements you made in that reply is valid/true. Sorry.
  7. Your name at the time of the incident: Levy_Marain_Clegane Their name at the time of the incident: Its_Ya_Boi_Jaxer The time of the incident (GMT): Repeated events between 18:00 and 19:00 GMT The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): Both RDM and CLogging. Full story of what happened: The story will be filled with direct references to rules stated on this website. Jaxer was walking by. Marain and Krispin went on and halted the player. Jaxer stood still. After the demand of "Inventory drop" (Legal halt so far, see "DEMANDING" rules on the link posted at the bottom of the post) Jaxer ran away, refusing to follow the demand. (Legal reaction to a legal action) Seeing he would not survive the fight, he combat logged a first time. (Illegal log. See "COMBAT LOGGING" rules) He then repeatedly logged off the game to avoid being caught by Marain and Krispin. After he finally escaped, Marain and Krispin abandoned the hunt. Jaxer came back and started RDMing and spawnkilling Marain. (Illegal rdm. See "RDM" rules) All proofs are screenshots posted below, and those include various ban threats (With no apparent reason), explicit will to break rules, immature behaviour. Witnesses: Levy_Marain_Clegane, Krispin, Ser_Foxy_Burgundy (PS.:The player has a reporting history, meaning no actions were yet taken, and that he kept misbehaving) If needed, ask for extra details under this thread. I'm not having this closed without seeing drastic actions being taken to effectively reduce the amount of illegal actions being carried out every day. Thank you. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: No refunds needed. Long terms measures requested, for the sake of gameplay. Evidence: Please inform me if the pictures are not available. Apart from the clear logs, list of screenshots proving the facts as far as I could document:
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