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  1. btw you dont need to have a kos on everyone part of the group for making it a skirmish (not sure if it was a skirmish tho) but I never started it. You also dont need to die to keep the skirmish ongoing, thats the meaning of a skirmish. skirmish just stops when one party died. And since I always was me who was attacked after respawing I didnt break a rule.
  2. Well regarding I use to fight on your side, this complaint is kinda sad. You complaining that we came back, but one sentence later you say you guys came back too- I dont see any offence in running to the nearest bank. I was shoot literally every time I left the castle and didnt do anything offensive. So its you RDMing many times in a row. Not sure if it was you, but if not its a snitchmove, cuz logs will show ur factions mates started attacking. Just a screen from my perspective;) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1862824674
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