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  1. Your name at the time of the incident: Buysword_rozmari Their name at the time of the incident: silver player The time of the incident (in UTC+2) : 20:51 The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): Clog Full story of what happened: we was in fight he cloged Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 20K FOR HIS armor and my pleasure of his killing Evidence: logs and photo 20:51:22
  2. Sorry i cant copy paste SO I just write the asnwers your name at the time : Chosoo THIRE name : Slavik time : idk 15 min ago Type offence : rdm / nrr full story : He aimed at me i killed him and robed him he came back and toke revange then i told him it s illegal and asked refund his friend said he accpet the Refund come here when i went there slavik said fuk yo and attacked again (rdm) LOGS
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