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  1. he logged as we were engaging he was top right wall , he logged as i was sniping him from ruins, thats how i knew exactly which body was his thus sharp asking the question "this ?" in local as i was telling him where to take a screen from in teamspeak.
  2. 1) Yes totally i havent been in one , not like ive had the same pc for the entire duration of this mod, i mean not like i was in the middle of it when we had 200/200. 2) Pleb war combat never entails full numbers you arent gonna have 20 v 20 fighting in the melle at all times or even like ever! 3) Everything u have stated is utter bs, and it all comes down to one simple thing, the fact that most of u are so braindead and u forgot the number one rule of every siege ever which is "ALWAYS HAVE SOMEONE AT THE FLAG U FUCKING BRAIN DEAD RETARDS"
  3. i have a beyond potato pc DX7 and im thankfull if i have stable 23-25 frames, and yet toggling full name labels makes no diffrence what so ever, like no diffrence. Have some competance instead of bitching, its not hard to order some guy to watch the flag and yell if something is happening.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruse_de_guerre ,also here is an idea, maybe have ur morons watch the names of people around em?
  5. tbf hidden chests should be a map feature so we can all go look for the hidden rooms and try to keep em a secret , and if the are found out they will probly become a place of many magnificent skrmishes. and every week heinz should edit his maps so its in a diffrent location every time
  6. again i specify that is what tommy(the SO) called the war when plebs declared on templars who were going back to casterly and we masacred them at the farms. Tommy called it that. No cap atempt was ever needed for a backstab.
  7. Backstabbing has always been a thing and no cap is required. Or as tommy said in the other report templars made for the farm thing "Fieldbattle"
  8. u entered a blatant warzone doing the same thing bolton(people under siege) were doing, sending nakeds to jump from flag bastion to get to our doctor line. U are trully a pathetic little banmongorer. Who the fuck even makes a report for losing a lance .....
  9. if flappy has videos like he claimed why does he not post them instead saying "hurr durr its on you to prove".He knows the video will show him in direct warzone while logs will not, so hes bating a quick reponce from and admin This is nothing more but toxic banmongoring and honestly a lot of people are getting fucking sick and tired of it, cause 4 childes are literally running around the server naked making 20 reports every day.
  10. he never denied the fact that he was in the castle (the argument he made is that he was given permission by flans to cap, and if u examine the chat logs from flans the noobslayer and me you will clearly see no such permission was granted). And yes you do, i literally told you i was the one who killed him while he was at 95% cap. The time from the declare to me killing him will show u a time frame.
  11. I killed him as he capped(literally last sec), but it was an illegal war in any case, look at the anouncements especially from Flans_The_Noobslayer after boltons declared.
  12. Post the video it will show u directly in a warzone.
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