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  1. Whatever shit clan is voting for the north KYS
  2. Your replies remind me of a 12 year old not knowing what to say when he gets a slap on the wrist.
  3. Join the plebs, clans are shit these days it's honestly free tincan.
  4. I miss the days when somebody with a higher education above middle school could reply towards me. What you're saying is that you cannot be botherd to reply to any comments made, again showing how lazy you're to be with this report. As I explained in my previous reply you don't care to read or solve it via the comments as in your own words ''I'm too lazy'' Again I ask why would any admin take it serious if the player himself will not put any effort into it? Why can't you see that multiple admins will look into this costing a lot of free time? The only thing you're doing by not reading or replying proper is wasting the staff team their free time and I know from experience how much time can be spend on a big report like this one (could) be. @Aethelwulf @bob Anderson spamming useless comments in the thread
  5. If you out of all people can't be assed reading my reply to the report on me made by you as the comment section is placed to solve or explain things between players why would an admin care about reading your report? Once again you're showing no care for anything besides your own profit which is getting a refund and to not seem like a spastic infront of your clan.
  6. We had a second castle for a reason and it's to my believe you always intended to report it as you went it with gear and pretty much are expecting a refund. It's quite sad how this server has been on the low side for quite some time, instead of enjoying a few hours of back and forth you decide to report it instead. When the admin came to the server asking for peace in announcements multiple people including leadership of your clan said to keep the war going. Only until you actually lost the gear within your own castle you decided it's too much and decided the best thing to do is to report this entire affair. What a moronic person you're proving yourself to be once again, instead of explaining the entire story you base everything with a few words having multiple people tell the story for you. Without the community explaining as to what has happened and how the events went as followed you lead the admins astray wanting them to be your lap-dog as they search and search in the logs as to what actually happened. Clearly your sort of fun is where you sit in the castle slobbing off the money chest as you duel your own faction for two hours and sometimes go outside to kill a naked pleb hitting the gate. Once you actually realize you don't know how to lead any number of men you have to find a way out in hopes somebody takes the blame so your own members don't see you as the failure you really are to be. However, at this point, everyone has realized how incompetent you're to be and I'm sure the only reason you're in a position you're in is that you brought your following into the clan. At least I hope you're leadership, would be quite horrific if I were to find out you were not and you decided to report it even though your own leadership said yes to the war. Hopefully whoever is solving this complaint can see how no bans or refunds should be placed as they didn't complain about the war (even agreed too) until they started losing numbers heavily. (Sure didn't when Richfield got massacred for 10 minutes) Anyhow, I feel I'm diverting from the actual report, to sum things up here's a quick read for people who can't be assed to read everything. You had fun until we came into your castle and took your gear away, decided to cry in hopes for a refund hoping people don't find you incompetent.
  7. I remmember you outfitting monti with the best gear possible taken from 4 different factions and your excuse was this and I quote. Anyone can take the castle it's not biased - Dekkers Wasn't there a gold mine under the Lannister castle once too and that was an oopsie. All in all Heinz is actually quite a good map maker if he decided not to meme a server.
  8. The boat turned and glitched you off, why exactly are you asking for a 30k refund? When I look at your gear it's worth about 5k maybe 10k if you include a heal.
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