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  1. Because plebs cant do much lol. If we war people just hide in the castle spamming range units if you attack you want to have a decisive victory. And I don't think there has never been a 70v55.
  2. The only problem I see with commoners are the clans taking factions and then just sit there doing nothing, or just not logging on and not have people log on. Moreover this game is a walking corpse ready to die. With its history of 9 years many players I knew just went to play on something else or just got bored. I hardly get on myself as it became just dull.
  3. If you truly want to get VoS played just delete the 2 castles that are far away or get them near. Morever in my opinion VoS was good for smaller servers with around 100 population like Avalon did 4 years ago.
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