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  1. amue was already shooting at us when u halted, good sir. He shot me to death literaly 2 seconds after u halted. Edit: Lucas wasnt the only one who halted us, I dont remember the other names, is it really so much trouble for admins to check the logs, to see the names of the rest?
  2. in Runcop's screenshot, right on top, u can see sir Lucas Reyne halting, while amue nkulu (in enemy fac) is shooting at me and kills me
  3. when there are 5 enemy tins outside shop on their way to get back to their castle, then yes there is a reason
  4. If you want to make pk appealing to the public player, you need to do 2 things. 1st, make them relevant to the server somehow. Maybe rework the economy, so it is heavily dependant to civilian classes, thus giving pubs a motive to play and clans a reason not to rape them. Currently a smith and 2 serfs can completely restock a castle in 3 hours max, which makes civilian classes irrelevant. 2nd, find an effective way for them to know at least the basic rules of the server + tutorials on how things work. Most pubs dont even know this forum exists. I bet 90% of this forum's members are clan members or people who have formerly been in clans and will be again in the future.
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