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  1. It was done like that for a reason. You don’t want two full castles so close to each other as that enables two clans to babysit each other or one clan to own 2 full armouries.
  2. Great that you're all having the time of your life, just make sure it doesn't spill over to the people not involved in your gangster wars. If it does ya know, game over
  3. It's a scene called "Ashes" produced by someone whose name I can't recall. Was on Phoenix during the 2018.12.02. week.
  4. Made the complaint section visible. In regards to passwords, the system in place requires a "Fair" password which is by their definition: I've done some tests and it is quite harsh when it comes to selecting your password. Made it so there are no limitations (there is no lower setting than "Fair" that we could downgrade to).
  5. In order to keep this section somewhat organised, make sure to use tags & prefixes when creating a thread: pk scripts platform eu kingdoms
  6. Describe your favourite PK moment (not PW). Screenshots & videos are welcome as well!
  7. Nice suggestions, we'll look into it.
  8. That probably won't be the case. The use of these devices will be voluntary and used for RP purpuses.
  9. Is the banner made by @GoblinKing sufficient?
  10. With the next version, if I'll have time, I'll put a low-res version of the mod on ModDB.
  11. Post the banner and we'll add it in the next version.
  12. While we have the bow animation this would certainly be nice, @ApplePie
  13. We aren't actually changing that, was being sarcastic.
  14. According to the research here: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=357671.0 the outfit presented above only came about in 17th, 18th century. Before there were normal outfits for doctors. "The beaked mask, was probably, only developed later by Charles de L'Orme in 1619" I guess we could add it if a model was created.
  15. Just to make it clear, the devices wouldn't actually do any damage. The whole thing would be only used for RP purposes.
  16. We are buffing all plate to 80 body armour and 25 leg armour.
  17. The pillory would most probably be used just as a torturing device, not for beheading.
  18. Should we add torture devices that are functional to use (not by force but rather in the same way as you take a seat)? The currently available options: Pillory, Judas cradle and the Spanish donkey. Comment below with your reasoning & suggestions.
  19. We have some very interesting ideas lined up in our workshop and are currently working on bringing them to life. Some ideas/fixes have already been implemented. You can certainly expect that a new version will come out in the next months.
  20. Hello, feel free to request banners here. We prefer you create the banner if you believe you can do it with sufficient quality but can do it ourselves as well if that's not an option. Just make sure to describe what you want properly. Required files/templates: - Use the black or white background to achieve that "wave" effect. You can pick any colour you want though. - These 2 are templates that allow you to check how your banner will look like on actual banners and when clicking "TAB".
  21. Lol that's funny, kind of want to implement it now
  22. A lot of the gear seems to be a very close imitation of what is already in the mod (with capes added etc.) and some of it is already in the mod. Could you provide us with a link to the OSP pack on the TaleWorlds forum? I would hate to go fishing for items from an existing mod seeing how that could lead to us using assets that aren't OSP in the first place.
  23. The groups are set up in a way that allows us expansion in the future.
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