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  1. Lol that's funny, kind of want to implement it now
  2. A lot of the gear seems to be a very close imitation of what is already in the mod (with capes added etc.) and some of it is already in the mod. Could you provide us with a link to the OSP pack on the TaleWorlds forum? I would hate to go fishing for items from an existing mod seeing how that could lead to us using assets that aren't OSP in the first place.
  3. The groups are set up in a way that allows us expansion in the future.
  4. We’ve already fixed this for 1.3.
  5. Hello, we have our animator @ApplePie at disposal. If you can think of any new animations to be added within the next patch, post them down below. Try and provide some examples as well!
  6. Hello, despite having put this on poll already within the previous forum, we wanted to gather the opinion of the community once again! Vote and share your concerns below!
  7. William


    Welcome! EU_Phoenix Shutdown Greetings! As many of you already know the EU_Phoenix Persistent Kingdoms server went down on the 3rd of April. There are many reasons why that came to pass but we won't delve too deep into that. What is important though is that we would like to once again extend our gratitude to everyone that contributed to what Phoenix was. From the very founders, committed staff, countless donators that kept the server up for more than 3.5 years and the large player base that Phoenix had during its uptime. I don't believe it would be misinformation if we claimed it had been one of the longest-running Warband servers. At the end of the day, we've all had some good fun playing on it during its PW and then PK days. Countless sieges between various clans, a field battle every millennium and those hordes of pubs couching you on the backs of coursers. For some reason, we all kept coming back to it for what it was and it was good. Thank you once again and we'll see you on PK again! What is this new forum and why was I redirected here? EU_Phoenix has been shut down but our story doesn't end here. In the past year, we as a community managed to release a successful mod. We would like to continue developing the mod with you and look towards the future. The forum will be up to act as a hub for all remaining Persistent Kingdoms players and Phoenix community members. In addition to that, we're still confident that Persistent Kingdoms will remain active and are as such working on free scripts which will be released to the public. You're still more than encouraged to make suggestions or report bugs in the appropriate subforum as we work towards the 1.3 version of the mod. What does the future hold for us? We would very much like to create a Bannerlord mod with the help of our community. This is unfortunately still very uncertain due to the enormous question mark in place of the Bannerlord release date, however, we're examining our options and will be making announcements in regards to it in the near future. What's new? We've gone ahead and updated the forum software to the latest version and as such gained access to a few new features. One of the bigger changes: Clubs. We've done an introduction to clubs here but they essentially allow you to create a subforum that can be public or private where you can discuss with other club members (suitable for clans, servers and other focus groups). The forum is now also run by the new old staff - Staff. Forum Rules We've created a new set of forum rules which you can find here. Make sure to get up to date with them and how other issues in regards to staff are handled. Join Us So, let's get the show on the road. Sign up on the forums and get access to the brand new old shoutbox. Regards, Kingdoms Staff
  8. William

    Forum Clubs

    Forum Clubs Our forum structure allows community members to create and/or join clubs that serve as hubs that connect people with similar interests. As such the clubs can be used by clans, servers and other focus groups. The clubs allow you to create a subforum where you can announce, post, socialize and discuss with other community members or club members. Starting a Club You can start a club or join one here.There are various degrees of privacy your club can have: Public (Everyone can see the club and its posts, and can participate without joining.) Open (Everyone can see the club and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join.) Closed (Everyone can see the club and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join.) Private (Only members can find the club and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.) Accurate name & description of your club will help community members find and join your club based on their interests. After you have created a club, it has to be approved by an administrator before you can use it. Forum rules apply to clubs as well.
  9. Platform Rules Forum Rules Forum Guidelines Warning system Contact 1. Forum Rules By posting on our platform you agree to the following rules. Specific parts of the forum might be subject to a different or additional set of rules. If that's the case you will find the aforementioned rules stickied within the subforum to which they pertain. No spam Spam hinders the forum and makes relevant information harder to find. Avoid using it to try and get your point across or to get attention. Excessive toxicity We understand that not everyone can like each other and that we're all part of a diverse community whose members have different views on various topics. However, keep the toxic behaviour to normal levels. Moderators are the judge and jury when it comes to enforcing this rule. No porn, links to porn sites Forum visitors range from pre-teens to retirees. As such we want our content to be free of such activities. Ignoring this rule will lead to a permanent ban. No piracy, links to pirated content or anything of the sort We are legally accountable for all content posted on our platform. As such we do not allow any mention or sharing of piracy, pirated content, content that infringes copyrights. No posting & linking of graphical content Linking or posting of graphical content such as a person's death, scenes of violence, child pornography etc. is not allowed and will be treated accordingly. Signatures & avatars Signatures with abnormally large size will be removed. Likewise, signatures or avatars that break the forum rules will be removed. Our word is final While we aim to please the majority of the community you should consider this forum privately owned and as such not bound to any "motos" such as free speech etc. Note: Not all situations can be covered within the forum rules. Use your common sense when posting to avoid getting restricted or banned. 2. Forum Guidelines Keep to the topic at hand Try and stay on the road set by the original topic creator. While we allow for various deviations, consider creating a new topic if you believe your post will deviate from the original post too much. Let the staff do their job The staff decides what happens when somebody breaks the forum rules. As such, avoid replying and further escalating the situation. Instead, hit the report button and wait for it to be resolved. Public vs Private If you have a grievance with a particular community member, take it to the PMs. Don't litter the forums with a personal conversation. My post has been locked/hidden/deleted A moderator may lock or delete your post. The reason for that is usually very apparent but if that's not the case feel free to send a PM to a member of moderation and ask for clarification. 3. Warning system The warning system is fairly simple. If you break the forum rules you will receive warning points based on the rule you broke. The number of warning points you already have and have now received then calculates a befitting punishment. Trying to circumvent your punishment by creating another account will result in your original punishment being extended and your alt accounts permanently removed. Warning points expire after 30 days. 4. Contact If you have an issue with a member of staff or how they have handled a situation, send a private message to the staff member in question. If that isn't suitable or if you still haven't resolved your issue feel free to contact another member of staff via a private message. If you're unable to use the forum private message system (because you're banned) do not create a new account. Instead, contact the staff members on community discord or other platforms.
  10. William

    Forum Ranks

    Forum Ranks Forum rank system is based on post count. Spam will do you no good and will eventually get you banned if you keep doing it. Recruit (0 posts) Footman (10 posts) Veteran (25 posts) Sergeant (50 posts) Sergeant At Arms (75 posts) Squire (100 posts) Knight (150 posts) Knight At Arms (200 posts) Sergeant Knight (250 posts) Sergeant Knight At Arms (300 posts) Master Knight (400 posts) Grandmaster Knight (500 posts) Baron (650 posts) Count (800 posts) Duke (1000 posts) Archduke (1250 posts) Emperor (1600 posts) Forum Legend (2000 posts) Having more than 2000 posts allows you to edit your rank.
  11. Persistent Kingdoms 1.2 Changelog Hello! We have finally managed to conclude the next chapter of Persistent Kingdoms - Version 1.2. Over the past months, we've have been developing this version with breaks in between. Overall we're pretty happy with the changes we've implemented and we're sure you will like them as well. There's always room for improvement and we'll most probably continue to work on the mod but on a smaller scale, depending on the motivation of our team. Without further ado, here's the 1.2 changelog (there has been too many changes to represent them all with pictures so we invite you to download the mod and check them yourself ). New spectator mode Server owners will now be able to enable another spectator mode. After a player dies the spectator camera will be locked above their position so that they can spectate the remainder of the fight until they respawn. Horses and players are now healed based on the time It has been the case so far that if you wish to heal your horse or yourself with food and a bed you have to hold F on the designated scene prop until the bar fills up after which your health increases. From now on your health will increase based on the amount of time you held F, which comes very useful in events where you have to hold F for the complete duration of the bar filling despite needing a very small health increase. Day/night cycle added (optional) We have added a day/night cycle to the mod that is completely optional and can be enabled via the server configuration. The length of the cycle is dependent on the number of seconds set in the server configuration (you can have multiple cycles per day). Credit to the SRP team. New animations: Begging Praying Pike stance Item changes & Scene prop changes: Item changes: A pig/piglet An executioners axe Rings & earrings 17 new RP clothes 2 new crowns Letter item Great bascinet texture replacement Plated charger texture replacement 3 new assassin hoods & 3 assassin armours 3 new mercenary armours 1 new plate 7 new special weapons added (royal sword, royal greatsword,...) 2 new playable instruments - Vielle & Flute Scene prop changes: New enterable buildings (keeps, townhouses,...) New tents New small rowing boat (usable) Buy points for weak spawn weapons added 2 new notice boards Various new RP scene props (wall paintings, tapestries, flags,...) Mod optimization: Revamped animation system. Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly. Bump & specular textures optimized All bump & specular textures have been resized to a lower resolution. This has no visual effect but will in theory increase FPS slightly. Mod cleanup Despite adding a large number of new resources to the mod we have managed to decrease the size of the mod by 100MB by removing unused resources and optimizing textures. Shader check All items received a check in terms of shaders to ensure everything looks as it should in-game. LOD’s were added to all items that didn’t have them. Certain items were missing LOD’s which more or less better the performance of the mod by loading lower quality models in the distance. The missing LOD’s were generated and added to the mod. Administration changes: Faction ID's were added to most logs. Support for custom banners added Server owners can now assign custom banners to anyone via scripts. This is useful for RP servers where even commoners want to proudly wear their heraldic colours. Bug fixes: Glitchy indestructible doors were fixed. Show pouch to nearby players logs fixed. Walking mode bug fixed. CWE scene props fixed on DX7. Other smaller bug fixes. Miscellaneous: Wooden poles were removed from CWE walls. Early transitional armour transformed into a heraldic item. New banners added. Other smaller changes.
  12. Dev Blog 19/07/18 Hello! As promised here's the next dev blog. Lately, we've all been quite busy with other commitments but we've managed to get a few things done. The main goal of the 1.2 version for PK is to improve performance and add additional RP aspects to the mod so we'll be working on that in the following weeks. The Argad Bay Addition Many of you that have been part of the Warband community for a while and have been moving around in the RP waters will recognize the Argad Bay mod as a roleplay mod. We have been granted permission to use their assets within our mod so we'll be implementing some of the RP assets: 3 new daggers An executioners axe A pig 10 earrings and 4 rings 15 new clothes Multiple new enterable buildings 4 new tents 2 new crowns Plenty of tapestries and RP scene props Revamped Animation System Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly. Death Cam We have introduced a new way of spectating. Servers will now be able to choose the 4th option. With this option, the player will only be able to see what is happening around his body for the duration of the respawn time without being able to move the camera. Miscellaneous Added the current version to the logo in the Warband launcher. Fixed a spectator bug. Added faction ID's in the logs. Fixed the native plate strength from 16 to 15. Fixed the glitch with indestructible rotatable wooden doors. Added "The Eyrie" castle name. Fixed a problem with the looting logs.
  13. Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3 Hello! The mod has been live for almost 2 months now! Multiple servers have sprung up since the release and more are on the way. We're very happy about the way things have been going and are eager to continue with the development of the mod. We will be releasing a dev blog in the next few days on what we've managed to change and improve since 1.1 version came out. But until then, have a look at some of the videos made by PK players! I realize even more are out there but we'll leave them for the 4th version of these series! If you would like your video shared here just send us a message. Persistent Kingdoms #2: The Great Pleb War of Osvirklif by Spudgun Official CI Gassing Trashtalkers | Persistent Kingdoms by Aittor Persistent Kingdoms | Kingdom of Antioch: Ep1 by Tilko Official Persistent Kingdoms Basics: Terminology by Spudgun Official Knights of the Crusade vs Vandals // Field Battle // Persistent Kingdoms by Nessa of House Stark
  14. Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Released & Discord Opened & Fan-Made Videos No.2 Hello! We have all been busy with other activities in the past weeks since the release but we've managed to find some time to issue a small update that fixes certain bugs and added&changed some animations. Changelog 1.1 Fixed lighting with some of the skyboxes. Removed "Game rules" menu as it was outdated and useless. We might look into bringing a revamped version of it back in the future releases. Fixed poll cooldown bug where people were still able to poll lords after a poll failed. Fixed a bug where arrows&bolts would go through doors. We have added and modified the animations thanks to SirPineApplePie. Revamped the admin function to record current position. Discord Opened! We have created a Persistent Kingdoms Discord with the intention of helping new players and creating a joined PK community. If you need help with installation & help with the gameplay, would like to share some screenshots & videos or would simply like to find some people to play with then you're more than welcome to join us! We have also set up specific channels for suggestions and bug reports. If you would like to do either of that then you should do it on our Discord. Join us by clicking here . Looking forward to chatting with you! Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.2 PERSISTENT KINGDOMS - The future of Persistent World - Mount and Blade: Warband Mod by Pixelated Apollo Coronas Ibéricas (The comeback) - M&B Warband Persistent Kingdoms by Mario - M&B and More! Persistent World/Kingdoms LIVE! by Resonant Let us know if you make a video on Persistent Kingdoms and we'll be happy to feature it in the next article!
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