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  1. ^^This is the definition of a no name clan cuck
  2. u dont even play on the server old man!
  3. We know u have been ban evading, Stop being such an aggressive gamer geez
  4. Ur so dumb. i was implying that ur rule knowledge is that of someone whom has only been playing the game a few months. You really are a moron. I would hate to be you. Also Strand told me how you cried to him begging for a refund like a pussy.
  5. Ok crybaby but its been well known that u shouldn't have someone else hold Ur hand and make a complaint for you unless that person is banned on the forums. You wouldn't know this because ur arrogant, autistic shitbag who has only been playing this mod for like a few months.
  6. Getting reported for hurting ur feelings would make my day tbh
  7. Not going to ur third world shithole so i can get attacked by ur dog and ur inbred mum/girlfriend.
  8. Stfu u lollygagging freckle bitch. lets solve this like real men on Ludus
  9. Don't be jealous we can form actual sentences.
  10. Ur dad defo beats u at night. A disabled nugget monkey has a better chance at typing in readable English than u.
  11. Doesn't matter u thick headed minstrel , he has to post it himself which has already been made very clear. its always been this way. why cant he make a forum account himself and post it? its really inst that hard.
  12. Aimed at me with his Autism
  13. Your name at the time of the incident: Karoliner_Chinkilla Their name at the time of the incident: LH_Runpcop_Chide The time of the incident (GMT): 16:15 ish The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): clog Full story of what happened: video sums it up Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: No cus it was clog Evidence:
  14. No they are wank and boring like urself. Toxicity and rivalry what makes a good scrap.
  15. @Ari @Bronxh @Dust hes talking about you lot.
  16. Yeah ignore what i said about urki. arnt u a squire? Cant ur leadership argue for themselves?
  17. I know urki was breaking ur gates cus he wanted a heavy lance, he even asked in chat before if u would let him in. 4 or 5 is not the majority of a 40 man faction id u can count.
  18. Go away u dog. We had had previous wars with boltons in that castle where it took us quite some time to beat them, plus this time we had two big faction close ready to war us and we didnt wanna get trapped inside where we could get slaughtered. We tried to rush but it didnt work since u guys got back to fast.
  19. We dont play on the same teamspeak??? Get off this thread ur irrelevant
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