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  1. ^^This is the definition of a no name clan cuck
  2. u dont even play on the server old man!
  3. We know u have been ban evading, Stop being such an aggressive gamer geez
  4. Ur so dumb. i was implying that ur rule knowledge is that of someone whom has only been playing the game a few months. You really are a moron. I would hate to be you. Also Strand told me how you cried to him begging for a refund like a pussy.
  5. Ok crybaby but its been well known that u shouldn't have someone else hold Ur hand and make a complaint for you unless that person is banned on the forums. You wouldn't know this because ur arrogant, autistic shitbag who has only been playing this mod for like a few months.
  6. Getting reported for hurting ur feelings would make my day tbh
  7. Not going to ur third world shithole so i can get attacked by ur dog and ur inbred mum/girlfriend.
  8. Stfu u lollygagging freckle bitch. lets solve this like real men on Ludus
  9. Don't be jealous we can form actual sentences.
  10. Ur dad defo beats u at night. A disabled nugget monkey has a better chance at typing in readable English than u.
  11. Doesn't matter u thick headed minstrel , he has to post it himself which has already been made very clear. its always been this way. why cant he make a forum account himself and post it? its really inst that hard.
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