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  1. So 1. I killed u and didnt logged out in combat / combat situation. 2. As Ethan said he couldnt find me and gave up. 3. I waited some time before logged out 4. Why i had to stay on server until i die. 5. The only person who can report me for that could be ethan but he said IT wasnt clog. 6. Why u think im clogged if u werent where i was, because u had to respawn and comeback ethan gave his opinion listen him boy, what are u doing with your life... At all ethan couldnt kill me i was only kos... what then, but he lost me, what then? But anyway i gave some time and logged out. 6. U are ezzzzz. 7. Thanks for tin I wasnt in any combat situation, i killed u additionally gave some time. It wasnt clog and close this thread.
  2. Well, it isnt problem to kill someone with your friends, about clog noone knows where he was when i logged off[ im sure he wasnt even on walls], as he said he lost me, additionally i gave some time and logged off . As Ethan said i didnt clog and he is only person who can report me for that because i killed u. He said it wasnt clog, so it wasnt fucking clog. Come on, some time passed u had to respawn, come to the castle, find my body, seriously it isnt hard to see body. Only man who could be in this castle was Ethan and he is witness, and said IT WASNT CLOOOOG we werent even fighting, we didnt see each other after some minutes, so come on. I didnt clog during the fight beetween me and you... I dont know what wrong u, noname. Should i stay on server until u kill me, come on, use your brain.
  3. Second thing first screen showing another part of walls than 3rd screen what wrong with u. LIAR And where am i on the first screen, and as i said i smashed u like a kid, seriously l2p man and maybe some blocks could be useful. Additionally ethan said he couldnt find me. I didnt clog because i was in combat with u and killed.
  4. Your friend says something other https://imgur.com/Ygd30wW Second thing i killed u ffs... And i was waiting some time then i logged our but he didnt find me, logs will show it.
  5. ye ye rdmer, u shouldnt play PK. PK is only for good and friendly players u toxic, u couldnt killed me
  6. Lie u were in armory and u were waiting haha liarrr Shush Rdmer
  7. Do not lie, u were waiting to kill me because i got kicked and as u said i was dead u rdmer.
  8. Thats fine will see if i write something when i was alive, i remember only that i said shut up to u when i was dead but maybe i wrote something in armory hmmmmmmmmmmm, if u say im lying, will u say did i insult u in armory?
  9. I`m not sure i was dead. Wait for admin opinion
  10. Your name at the time of the incident: Ser_Pentium_Burgundy Their name at the time of the incident: Recruit_Ulrich_Francia The time of the incident (GMT): 16;00 The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM Full story of what happened: They kicked me from fac and killed, i insulted ulrich but i was dead i wasnt alive. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: No Evidence: logs
  11. i instantly left by clicking alt + f4 didnt know i logged on, my mistake but i back on server and u killed me, well as said i dont have anything to say more about it.
  12. I said everything to my defend, i cant say anything more. Think what u want
  13. So only my excuse its, i heard on teamspeak they are on bannerpoint so i got on server and instantly logged off, anyway u killed me so i hope punishment wont be significant
  14. Castle was cleared, i think some minutes after the war, u should halt me at least.
  15. Your name at the time of the incident: Ser_Pentium_Burgundy Their name at the time of the incident: Amphetameme The time of the incident (GMT): 18:38 Monday The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): rdm Full story of what happened: I logged on server, i spawned on banner it was some time after war, and i got killed Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 35k Evidence: logs
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