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  1. I was the one couching him (Brother_Nurthis*) if memory serves me well, I saw reyne archers shooting at him after Chinkilla's death and since I was in their faction I've gone for a couch. I can upload a video from my perspective if that's necessary.
  2. Hadn't ever seen you fighting in a siege in melee with a shitload of people unless you count sailing around on a boat as an xbow when that's possible or generally being away from a melee combat with numerous participants where full names with facs name would cover quite a big part of the screen. Now, fuck off and go to your boring ass 60 man pub fac and complain shit's not happening and blame the clans, tyvm
  3. That's not really any good of a tip taking into account how much space it takes with so many people around during e.g. an actual siege rather than some rather spacious area for ghetto lancing, some people which have a potato pc (Yes, there are still some such individuals) doubtfully will be able to take advantage of that "tip"
  4. Your name at the time of the incident: Ftm_Nurthis_Burgundy Their name at the time of the incident: Tenton_Pike The time of the incident (GMT): 14:51 The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM Full story of what happened: Went to take money out of the money chest, did that and then he killed me afterwards for no valid reason. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: Nah, didn't gave any reason for that kill. Evidence: Logs and a vid.
  5. Any pirate treasures I could snitch on?
  6. 'I got a charger and full armor' Is that a full armor? Worth of what you had on you is not anywhere close to 60k PS: It does not matter if you did drop the pouch if you did not do it within 10 seconds since the demand was issued
  7. You dropped the pouch 24 seconds after being asked by N0ot to do so and then N0ot asked you to show it again, you were too special to comply within 10 seconds with prior demand so we killed you, as simple as that. Also, your armor wasn't worth 60k.
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