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  1. i could understand that , but after wanr you that it was rdm u and your friends continued atacking me so , for me the excuse of "i thought..." is not valid so i will not accept the refund sorry , then the admin can do what ever he wants
  2. Your name at the time of the incident: Templar_GrandKnight_Retamar Their name at the time of the incident: I_pooped_on_myself and Ftm_Halbert_Reyne The time of the incident (GMT): 16:55 Gmt The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM Full story of what happened: well i walked to the farm of my castle and without any warn or any reason Halbert started to atack me i warn him that it was rdm then he and his friend pooped decided to kill Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: No Evidence: https://gyazo.com/98f81108f0c38433c0344e4fe045019b also logs will show u it
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