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  1. I usually just random any Commoners, actually just anyone; mostly Commoners though
  2. yes *draws blade* Calradia be ours, cuh
  3. uh warzone? or was it the time you insulted me or the time you looted or the time i halted you
  4. IMPORTANT I have spoken to EVERY SINGLE player who goes on the server, and they ALL agree to the terms This means you're allowed to kill everyone (I agree to these terms haha!)
  5. Orc

    Drive By Animation

  6. Orc

    Double sound effects

    You have two ears So you hear it twice
  7. Thought I was at war with Richfield and I thought we were capping Got banned because no cap point, can we sort this problem? Unban
  8. What I'm saying is so did Walex you silly goose So if I were to get banned for this Random, then so should the big man admin but nah he got away with a refund
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