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  1. Thought I was at war with Richfield and I thought we were capping Got banned because no cap point, can we sort this problem? Unban
  2. What I'm saying is so did Walex you silly goose So if I were to get banned for this Random, then so should the big man admin but nah he got away with a refund
  3. You need to shut up pal Sorry but your best buddy Walex also randomed you, and he got away with a simple refund for it and I'd get banned for it? Fuck off I'm already banned
  4. Uhh pal why would I show evidence for it? It doesn't matter in the first place, since he had died anyway so even if he did aim I'd of lost my kill reason after his death?? duhh
  5. That wasn't me I didn't know you had died, and you had aimed at me before you had died so thought I had KoS; sorry didn't know
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