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  1. I don't know him (except if he's the sharpshooter Ghost which i doubt) but i've got a video where we can see him blocking it like 15 seconds. I'll upload the full push until we got push back and retreated. It's not a big place for a cav guy, i'm assuming he was just trying to kill the new spawns. Asking for a ban for that, i'm not even going to comment on that... We can see him moving around at 01:48 and leaving at 02:05. He just didn't like this Pentium guy. Anyway do what you want with that.
  2. I don't want to break it to you, but yes "retard" is an insult. Polaks are seriously the best... Always here to make me laugh.
  3. Best english that i've ever seen. Funny that you say that you do no insult anyone, yet, on your own complaint you said "no refund for retards".
  4. Rdmed me aswell and some other guys during the afternoon.
  5. Is it solved or do i need to stay put for another wave of attack?
  6. No offence and all but shouldn't admin from a faction don't take complaints from their faction?
  7. You can even see a part of it in the video "urgundy reason hi" Did you try logs at 15:24?
  8. Well i'll find it, just wait a second Here you go: https://www.noelshack.com/2019-36-4-1567695251-proof.png Search for that in the log because he did say it.
  9. 15.24 French time so i'd assume 14.24 English time.
  10. As i would like to state from the ruleset " At least 70% of your faction must be in your castle or the Mercenary camp before you declare. You may not have banners in or close to the enemy castle." I had 25% near Jelkala and no one had banner, so i don't really see the point of this complaint.
  11. Blitz just hates me, it's why he put the complaint up. Admins can even check, he just loves to insult me.
  12. I myself did not someone else did. Kooda did.
  13. As i said there were 4 - 5 guys there and they were before the bridge, some of them are even going back as you can clearly see aka RIP Filipo's horse. This video prooves nothing. He's nearest to my castles than to his.
  14. I'm saying that only 5 of my guys there and that all the others were dead (you can see it on the logs that a lot of us died before the war) or at any of my castle since i had ALL the other castle on the map except monti. I myself was at the village after as i told you that a guy clogged on me. Please provide your evidence.
  15. I had 5 guys before Jelk farms before warring them, they had no banner and were just getting healed (since most of my guys died in the fight 5 mins before). It's 25% of my soldiers which allows me to war. Plus, i just warred to prevent the massive rdm epicness from both side that was taking place during this skirmish which was going on for more than 20 minutes. Btw, i would like to see the evidence if you could send them.
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