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  1. In PK.js I have incorporated a statistics system to help me monitor the server and ensure everything is going well. I and the other admins that have access to the system find some of the stats interesting so I thought I would share some highlights for everyone to see how the server has grown in the last week... As of me posting this, we have 924 unique GUIDs / player accounts that have connected to the server. Quite interestingly, the growth seems to be remaining at quite a consistent rate, minus some dips during the night time periods. In the last 24 hours, we have gotten another 100 unique GUIDs. It will be interested to see when this begins to level off. These GUIDs are spread over around 1.3k IP addresses. The greater amount of IPs than GUIDs is likely caused by dynamic IP addresses. The player count over time has shown it's usual peaks and troughs. We reached our peak today with ~178 players, despite issues with lag and map downloads. The total gold in the economy has gone up steadily due to people's starting gold, however, there is a noticeable sudden increase during the time that Bolton's did a huge gold mining trip. There is currently 142.5 million gold in the economy. Given the amount of starting gold issued per GUID we should expect to see 148 million, so it looks like overall people have spent more gold than they have earned. Note that the amount of pouch gold shows sudden increases / decreases as it only updates when people disconnect from the server. We current have 11 admins... But, they have already issued 84 bans and 31 warnings. We also record the amount of gold each individual player has over time for anti duping monitoring. If you are interested in seeing your graph then send me a PM with your GUID and I will send you a copy. I hope you found these statistics as interesting as I did.
  2. Locked the poll as WSE2 is now deployed. I will make another of these in a couple of days to get your opinion on the performance with WSE2.
  3. WSE2 has now been put onto the server in today's maintenance with a few other little fixes. Please use this topic to let me know if anything is odd, especially with regards to the server config as I accidentally wiped it, and if you have any immediate feedback in regards to performance or stability. I will make another poll regarding performance in a couple of days so we get some data on the overall effect WSE2 has.
  4. Please fill out this poll so we have some quantitative information about current server performance. I will be installing my WSE2 version of the server tomorrow evening. So we will see how performance improves then.
  5. As I've already said in many places in this forum, yes. I was planning to begin work this week, however, resolving these performance issues is taking priority.
  6. Hello all, If you want a details explanation of what I am doing to address the current server performance issues, please read this post. Today I have finished my work to port my PK scripts to WSE2, which should hopefully increase server peformance... To get a measure of how much it improves performance by I ask you to complete this poll so I have a baseline of performance before I release my changes. Please do so honestly as I can only improve the server with proper and realistic feedback, i.e. don't vote "1" when the server is actually playable for you. Soon I will release my port to WSE2 and allow you to complete a similar poll to see how your perspective of the performance changes.
  7. The complaint has been invalidated by a server admin. If you disagree with how the complaint was resolved proceed in the following order: Send a private message to the admin that resolved your complaint and try to resolve the situation. Post a staff complaint here if you were unable to resolve the situation with the aforementioned admin. Locked & Moved.
  8. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand your frustration with the lag. I was playing the other day and got couched by someone who on my screen appeared to miss me by quite a distance and then I got completely rekt by people who didn't appear to even be hitting me on my screen. Out of everyone I probably have the most reason to be frustrated with the lag. I've put months of my times into developing the scripts for the benefit of the community. I am very proud of what I have achieved with the scripts, especially when some of the people that have had a play with the admin panel have described the scripts as the best they have ever used. It's a shame that everyone does not have the same positive opinion of the scripts and is not excited for the other ideas I have that I wish to implement into the scripts. To be clear the lag is not the scripts fault, but clearly the performance of the server is negatively effecting the reputation of me, the scripts, the server, the community and the mod. When I started on my journey of writing these scripts, I never intended to start a server. Throughout the development process I had agreed with multiple server owners that using their hardware, their donations, etc. I would deploy a server matching their currently server in terms of performance whilst providing them with far superior scripts. Sadly, every one of these server owners gave up and shut down their server before I had a chance to completely finish the scripts. There was of course others I could try to assist, but I was not keen on supporting people known in the community for poorly managing servers and for stealing the reputation and the assets of previous more successful communities. This is why I ended up creating my own servers as part of this community. In terms of the current server, I cannot go into too much detail on the agreement I have as it will likely cause issues on the other side of whom I have the deal with. What I can say though, is that the server has minimal load (about 50/50 split between our server and their work) and the server costs me absolutely nothing to run other than losses in my own time. The server is provided by SoYouStart, if I recall correctly, and has the following specs... SoYouStart is a sub company of OVH and is very reliable, but is slightly more expensive than we could get at Webtropia, which is good based on my experience helping to manage servers owned by another gaming community... For some reason, the server have is not performing as well as it should. I am unsure why and it is not really my area of expertise, which limits my ability to investigate why. A big factor is likely to be Mount and Blade's dedicate server which is known for poor optimization and it's preference of high clock counts over number of cores - a trait that can only be satisfied by more expensive servers. I have been investigating ways we can improve performance, by either optimizing what we have or by upgrading the server. The first thing, which I plan to try and implement tomorrow, is to switch from Warband Script Enhancer (WSE) 1 to WSE2. Currently WSE is only used for two main features... sanitizing chat, to prevent people crashing the server by using weird characters in chat, and to collect the IPs of players when they connect, to allow us to IP ban players who attempt to use secondary keys to evade bans. WSE2 is very new and potentially unstable, which is why I'm cautious about moving to it. For example, it only recently received an update to fix http requests - a core component of any PW/PK scripts. Saptor attempted to deploy it on the Krenn RP server the other day with very limited success, but he attempt was rushed and I think a little more work could yield better results. The benefit of switching to WSE2 is that it could improve server performance... If all goes well I should hopefully be able to deploy this in the next few days, especially now that I have the next two weeks off before I go away training with the Army. In terms of upgrading the server... A few community members have already offered me access to servers. Unfortunately, some of these are provided as purely game servers and so I would not be able to install the backend of the scripts onto the server. Furthermore, a lot of server hosters might be against supporting my scripts given that I have actively tried to slash their profits in the way I have built and licensed the scripts. The server boxes I have been offered are a significant upgrade, but I am cautious that the terms of any deal could make some people have reason to claim that the server is biased in some way. I think that is a fair comment given that if for whatever reason we need to crackdown on the behavior of specific groups of individuals the stability of the server could be brought into question. If we were to start renting our own servers, to get a decent improvement we'd want to get an i7 7700k, which from Webtropia is 50 euros / month. That is not something I am willing to pay myself. Some individuals have been spreading rumors that this because I think I'm "too good" to pay for it because I have already spent months of my life developing the mod and the scripts. This is not the case. If I played the server/mod I would be happy to contribute to it, but as I don't play it and get no benefit out of running the server I don't think it is really my responsibility or fair for people to expect me to pay this out of my own pocket. I am not "too lazy" to setup a donation thing. If that was really the case then why would I put any effort into setting up the server or writing the scripts? That's some pretty poor logic. The actual reason I do not wish to setup donations is because they never work post TW monetization rules. People simply have no reason to donate. If I setup a donation thing then I'd expect the whole server (40 / 50 euro) to be paid completely shortly before it is renewed each month. If this was not the case then I'd shutdown the server at the end of the current rental period and would have to return the donations, which is a lot of work to do. Furthermore, trying to get back in on my current deal after I go elsewhere is not really fair given the work it would take my partner to re setup the server. Given the chance this happens is very high I don't think it's worth attempting it unless a lot of reliable show interest in donating. Currently, a lot of the most vocal people complaining about the lag have claimed they will not donate, which prevents me from taking them seriously. If you seriously would consider donating, could you please PM me with a rough estimate of how much you'd be willing to pay per month, so I can scope out how feasible it is to get a better server. TLDR: I am aware of the issues an sympathize with you. I will begin work on resolving the issues as a matter of urgency and will keep you updated on my progress. Until then, I ask you to remain respectful of the work I have put into the scripts / server. Spreading rumors and constantly putting me down with complaints about the performance is of no help what so ever.
  9. Please vote for the map you want on Monday...
  10. The complaint has been reviewed by a server admin. All involved parties now have 24 hours to present any relevant information and evidence before the complaint gets resolved.
  11. 21:08:13 - Ezoteriusz_Na_Wkurwie has joined the game with ID: 1103517 21:08:22 - Ezoteriusz_Na_Wkurwie had these items: H:-1, B:-1, G:-1, F:-1, HO:0, 1:-1, 2:-1, 3:-1, 4:-1 21:09:53 - Mr_Jack (FID: 2) attacked Ezoteriusz_Na_Wkurwie (FID: -1) with Warhammer dealing 50 damage. 21:09:54 - Mr_Jack (FID: 2) attacked Ezoteriusz_Na_Wkurwie (FID: -1) with Warhammer dealing 15 damage. 21:09:54 - Mr_Jack <img=ico_blunt> Ezoteriusz_Na_Wkurwie @Adison who said halt? I cannot find any kill reason searching the logs for the two names mentioned in the complaint.
  12. The complaint has been reviewed by a server admin. All involved parties now have 24 hours to present any relevant information and evidence before the complaint gets resolved.
  13. 20:40:06 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] halt osmaja 20:40:10 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] sheath 20:40:17 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] schow pouch 20:40:19 - osamajaja revealed a money pouch containing about 900 coins to nearby players (Captain_DeadKiller, Sellsword_Esmerald, Sellsword_Adison). 20:40:22 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] drop all 20:40:26 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] schow again 20:40:29 - *FACTION* Sellswords'nNorsemen [Sellsword_Adison] meh 20:40:30 - osamajaja revealed a money pouch containing about 0 coins to nearby players (Captain_DeadKiller, Sellsword_Esmerald, Sellsword_Adison). 20:40:31 - *FACTION* Sellswords'nNorsemen [Sellsword_Adison] want his armor 20:40:34 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] toggle gloves 20:40:39 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] toggle helmet 20:40:43 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] go to castle black 20:40:46 - *LOCAL* [Sellsword_Adison] no loot 20:40:51 - Sellsword_Adison picked up Warhammer(IID: 3747) from the ground. 20:40:54 - Kebabini looted a corpse (IID: 3405). 20:40:54 - Kebabini took Mail Gauntlets from an inventory (IID: 3405). 20:40:55 - Kebabini took Noble Leather Boots from an inventory (IID: 3405). 20:40:55 - Kebabini took Haubergeon from an inventory (IID: 3405). 20:40:55 - Kebabini took Barbuta from an inventory (IID: 3405). 20:40:56 - Sellsword_Esmerald (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with Danish Greatsword dealing 40 damage. 20:40:58 - Sellsword_Adison (FID: 2) attacked Sellsword_Esmerald (FID: -1) with Long Axe dealing 0 damage. 20:40:59 - Sellsword_Esmerald (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with Danish Greatsword dealing 1 damage. 20:40:59 - Sellsword_Esmerald <img=ico_swordtwo> Kebabini 20:43:36 - Sellsword_Adison (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with fist dealing 0 damage. 20:43:44 - Kebabini (FID: 5) attacked Sellsword_Adison (FID: -1) with fist dealing 0 damage. 20:43:57 - Sellsword_Adison (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with fist dealing 0 damage. 20:43:58 - Sellsword_Adison (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with Long Axe dealing 23 damage. 20:44:00 - Kebabini (FID: 5) attacked Sellsword_Adison (FID: -1) with Warhammer dealing 0 damage. 20:44:00 - Sellsword_Adison (FID: 2) attacked Kebabini (FID: -1) with Long Axe dealing 42 damage. 20:44:00 - Sellsword_Adison <img=ico_spear> Kebabini 20:44:00 - Sellsword_Adison killed a member of a friendly faction! I assume this is the correct incident? According to the logs you attacked him first by punching him. Unless you have evidence to prove other wise, this complaint is invalid.
  14. Please follow the template fully, including the title. If you're applying for admin you should put the effort in to get this right...
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