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  1. pk might just be a game to you but to me its not, i sit around in my bedroom all day waiting for prime time pk. if i die in game i die a little irl, if i lose tin i punch my belle delphine gamer girl poster on the wall and i dont think its fair for TOMMY to ruin my life and love for this game. clans are my family
  2. if no improvements are made soon im gonna commit. you've got 2 days or my death will be on your hands.
  3. get him gone walex, fucking reporting clan members. get him off this server NOW
  4. is it possible for someone to add a bannerpoint in and use it for the server? would make Richfield a lot more interesting
  5. NSE pirates, catching the cataphracts running with tincan. Just playing the game for what it was and enjoying random moments like this. 2 Videos, from different perspectives. (PW Vid)
  6. When there were good server boxes. - that saved me so many times from being couched.
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