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  1. we were clearing the castle and you guys just came back all time picking up loot starting to attack us. What can you do if 30 subhumans hopping arround starting scraps. We peaced the war after we finished the last guy "Suck_Dick" he was called or so then we peaced.
  2. does not have to be a skirmish but we can give it out as genocide RP. Just saying if you ban one of the guys who took part in that you need to ban everyone as it went on for 2 hour straigh shitfest mass rdm and shit
  3. you guys started rdming us when we entered especially your shoolshooter on the roof who combat logged 5 times in a row
  4. insulted us again in german called us oxgyen waste, spastics and that he is going to kill us in real life like 20 mins ago
  5. Teleported into the armory 20 times in 10 seconds in a siege and are you so lazy to set up a donation thingy... the free server is not gonna work when its over 100 players which will increase drastically now when the new clan comes aswell.....
  6. We sieged Richfield trying to cap it but we did not find a bannerpoint and an angry black armor guy was crying at us
  7. i love polish maps you can play pirate and search for the gold chests. Good Roleplaying Experience!
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