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  1. Funny that its comin from a polak WW2 reperation costs in 2019 hahahahahahhahahahaha
  2. nice graphic its even worse then Vhasj`s combat skills
  3. well i saw people getting killed near you and i put you into it aswell, im sorry then and refund you
  4. was a misscommunication on teamspeak im deeply sorry and in the background i was laughing at a joke i remembered
  5. not refunding him lol as if i reward him for using his fat fingers for typing a complaint how incompetent he is not beeing able to do something ingame hahahahaha. Big words lad calling me a "thing" when your forhead is a fucking airplane runway HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  6. good stuff i never was an archer on PK ever MaA since first hour
  7. Ryan aka Karoliner_Cedrick said he told him over teamchat but i we noticed now there is no Z chat in PK.... stupid merc player
  8. i think he was told to leave the warzone but kept returning to it....
  9. Good an admin proving it as i cant be asked to record all day long
  10. Alright i know the situation you talking about now its Cedricks touched me and said your KoS
  11. Obvious cuz im the whitest Knight on whole Warband
  12. We the Westside Karoliner Bloodz are tired of the weaponizing of the complaint section by Chide. Chide has been harrassing us ingame and on the forum alot and we simply can and will not tolerate that any longer. So herby we the Karoliner Bloodz under our OG Strand declare war on Chide. Every individual who is wearing Chide in his name is to be killed on sight without mercy. [OOC/] This is an RP Event and not just a reason to hide rdm.
  13. <23:14:03> "Anderson" stupst Sie an: as long as im alive the war isnt over.
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