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  1. Funny that its comin from a polak WW2 reperation costs in 2019 hahahahahahhahahahaha
  2. nice graphic its even worse then Vhasj`s combat skills
  3. well i saw people getting killed near you and i put you into it aswell, im sorry then and refund you
  4. skirm and never even see you asking for a refund or insulted you
  5. was a misscommunication on teamspeak im deeply sorry and in the background i was laughing at a joke i remembered
  6. not refunding him lol as if i reward him for using his fat fingers for typing a complaint how incompetent he is not beeing able to do something ingame hahahahaha. Big words lad calling me a "thing" when your forhead is a fucking airplane runway HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. good stuff i never was an archer on PK ever MaA since first hour
  8. Ryan aka Karoliner_Cedrick said he told him over teamchat but i we noticed now there is no Z chat in PK.... stupid merc player
  9. i think he was told to leave the warzone but kept returning to it....
  10. Good an admin proving it as i cant be asked to record all day long
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