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  1. Well surely u know yourself that cart blocking is illegal and u would of moved the cart to avoid whoevers highest online from getting in trouble? Unless you know who placed it
  2. Unfortunately its 30 v 30 and we wont even have those wars if francia dont seige
  3. Honestly setting up a castle for war is easy as piss. We can do it in a hour or 2 alone and thats if we are relaxed about it. As for stocks being 500 then surely if one fac for example our clan who always gets on early and manages to fill all our stocks on day 1 then what are we supposed to do? Log on and sit on out arses till francis log in at 4 for 1 war. The only way your suggestions work is if we had a big playerbase which went through 2-3x the gear we currently go through. Resets have always been a thing? Kinda the main purpose other than wars is too serf and smith. Basically the mods got potential to still be popular just no clans are popping up and since reynes left the wars are just repetitive
  4. there is no real demand for these to be added as the playerbase wouldn't use it, The only thing id +1 is more outlaw classes but then again with 80-90 players nobody is really going outlaw
  5. Whats that map with the massive praven
  6. Maps way too big for 100 people, back to great divide or try a map we haven’t played in awhile
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