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  1. Depends if this is an active player then I wouldn't want him banned for the sake of population, I just respawned and heard a bit ago indeed not long he was blocking it, so yeah it's an obvious cause for me to report. If it's some random cuck though, nah.
  2. ppl ingame chat were even calling his name etc. its the only ss i took and it's clear his intention is to just block that spot, he was there for about half a minute or
  3. Your name at the time of the incident: Marshal_Bronxh_Burgundy Their name at the time of the incident: Ghost The time of the incident (GMT): somewhere around 17:00 pm not sure The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): horseblock spawn Full story of what happened: yeah Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: ok no Evidence: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1861214226
  4. mm dirty scum yeah you're dirty you wow oh mmm come yeah okay do you talk to your mothe rwith that mouth yeah? okay yeah? yeah? okay
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