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  1. then u say sheat wep just drop the complaint ur making yourself look stupid or maybe i should tell jaxer to report u instead should be an easy complaint
  2. You did demand it you were trying to rob it until he clogged you are just trying to loophole the rules saying u just demanded and didnt actually robbed lmao
  3. http://prntscr.com/p5mx17 SS from the rules, my point is that if we are here to punish rulebreakers you should be punished aswell!
  4. As you stated in your first post you did demand him to drop items which is illegal in itself. Also witnesses were never relevant and will never be relevant in PK forum complaints.
  5. You are contradicting yourself, only outlaw faction is allowed to steal items horses carts etc... You did perform an illegal halt and even though Jaxer did clog it is also your fault and you should also be punished? Also you may not call witnesses to testify in ur clog complaint, thats just dumb. You are clearly new to the mod and since you were both in the wrong and Jaxer's clog was due to your illegal halt u should maybe accept a refund or drop the complaint, since the clog was to avoid the rule break (or I would recommend Jaxer to report you aswell since one rulebreak doesnt justify another!). And even though it was your facmate doing the rdm you clearly took advantage of it aswell and are just trying to use him as a scapegoat regarding your own rulebreaks.
  6. Thanks for understanding please transfer the refund
  7. after i respawned u guys killed someone from my fac giving me kos but if i turn out to be in the wrong i will gladly pay a refund
  8. Point down animation or welcome animation
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