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  1. Something gives me the idea that only a finite amount of people want new animations that fit the theme of Warband. Then the large majority just want to "boogy down".
  2. You can do that client side if you want, but I don't really think Fortnite dances would fit the theme of Warband...
  3. Don't you think that would be a slightly OP addition to the mod just for people to take 2 minutes out of their game time to re-train?
  4. I'll have to think about that one, might look a bit silly...
  5. Not to give too much away... My password doesn't have any special characters. It only has lowercase characters, a capital and 4 numbers. And even if that was too complex for you, you could always write it down or put it in a text document like a normal person.
  6. Good suggestion, this I'm sure could be implemented. It has a lot of use for role-play and game play. E.G. Showing new players the direction of a certain place. Also thank you, the wave animation gave me autism trying to make it, and I was very tired.
  7. I'm sure it would be easy.. I'll think about it! William wouldn't let me
  8. It's possible, but realistically no sorry. .P
  9. Some weapons such as Crossbows or Instruments could be used while crouching, since those items in a realistic situation would be easier to use while crouching.
  10. You can always just take it from Mercs.
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