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  1. This is the kind of shit that raises their consciousness so put it down at once !
  2. and plated chargers, admin scalpels, black armor, and 50 money chests
  3. Probably the only way you'll ever win a siege :)))
  4. You told me to "fuck off", so I chopped your head off.
  5. Your name at the time of the incident: Caliph_Al_Fayez. Their name at the time of the incident: Baba & Others (Check the screenshot). The time of the incident (GMT): ~11:30 UK time. The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): Illegal war. Full story of what happened: We were serfing and minding our own business, they declared without a reason and were already in our territory when doing so. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 50k. Evidence: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/781858274442362210/F975770FEA1982EDF5BAAAA7EC34E0AB3CF702AE/
  6. If the person getting "tortured" can't leave the thing that'd be nice.
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