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  1. Proper fighting classes would add flavour to Outlaw gameplay and since they are the only ones who can rob armour it kinda makes sense. MaA and Sergeant for outlaws
  2. Every dent gets better. Please give me more
  3. Not my fault your clan is that retarded to let two guys cap your castle two days in a row. This only shows your incompetence.
  4. Read what Mario said and stop whining.
  5. Booo we lost twice to plebs booo change rules boooo to our advantage booo
  6. On Phoenix we used to have PDF guideline that gave you appropriate ban amount for rule break and Im pretty sure it was made by BridgeTroll. All they need to do is to readd it in some admin section on this forums so the new admins can read it. Or just have commons sense. But as you said we are wasting our time here.
  7. Bans differ from case to case. I personally use to ban 1 day for RDM but when the player showed no regards of rules at all in the complaint I didnt hesitate to ban him for 3 days. There is only a guideline on lenght of bans not a strict rule. It depends on case and on admin solving it.
  8. Commoners arent humans anyway so what is the problem? Just RDM them like everyone does
  9. Remove Laras and make only the left half of the map accessible? From MH to NZ. That might make it playable.
  10. This. Expected more from you Krea. This behaviour is highly pathetic as you clearly didnt want to report Vhasj on the same day he supposedly RDMed you because back then the "Gang war" was ongoing. Two days later the Gang war ended and you got killed by Strand for a threat. You got angry and reported Strand and later Vhasj because it suited you and you wanted those "toxic guys" to get punished and "ban them all". And who is the toxic here hmm?
  11. All I can hear is someone crying because something didnt go his way. Your report was reviewed later by a different admin and he unbanned the person you wanted banned. Just dont cry and dont insult players. You wont get killed that way.
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