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  1. Yes, I don't know what happened with the time but I swear it was 18:20 GTM+1
  2. Of course I do, because almost all of your chargers bumped intentionally me and more burgundies.
  3. Your name at the time of the incident: Archer_Himura_Burgundy Their name at the time of the incident: Squire_Shane_Bolton The time of the incident (GMT): 18:20 GTM+1 The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM Full story of what happened: We were coming back from the commoner spawn to Praven, then a ton of charges started bumping some of us so they let me blackbarred and this guy bumped me once again with the archer killing me. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: No, I asked him for one and he refused. Evidence: logs
  4. Well, I was in chide's ts and they were saying to halt boltons, they said it and Varus moved because of that leave of the templar which I didnt see, my bad. I would like to offer a 10k of refund if you are willing to accept it. @Rickard @Varus
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