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  1. 1:51, if the link to that time doesn't work embedded
  2. I read your latest blog and I didn't see anything about a Spudgun Official banner? Did I miss something?
  3. Ghetto lancing people with a banner oh my god
  4. Spudgun Official banner Ironhawk and Resonant have banners even though they don't participate in the PK community anymore I'd like my face over the teal background (of the pleb horde) Face with no background png:
  5. When Hagaron is given a contract to kill the worst assassin in PW history
  6. Pressing "commit suicide" while holding a loaded crossbow; you aim the crossbow up your mouth and shoot yourself
  7. I don't know, I haven't voted yet someone write some pros and cons, we need more information about how this might change gameplay
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