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    1.3? is that the average playercount on the server?
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    I love how you have been telling me the past month(s) that you want to apply for admin, but haven't because you think people will criticize you age, etc. Buddy if you want to get a good reputation in this community then making a complaint against a 40 man faction because they disconnected when a single man was "approaching their castle" is not the way to go. Invalid and warning points issued for making such a stupid complaint.
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    What about recover Deliverance from Ted, that was a damn good map.
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    Just go back to map rotation, same people always voting for the same map
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    as Halt was said and no evidence telling that others didnt see the halt, i will have to declare this complaint invalid.
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    Your name at the time of the incident: ed Their name at the time of the incident: BeetleJuice The time of the incident (in UTC+2): 13:15 - 13:30 pm The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): Mass RDM (except the people who were in his faction everyone on the server), He rdmed me 3 times Full story of what happened: He just mass rdmed. Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 40k Evidence: Logs, and i recorded one rdm.
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    just perma ban him he was mass rdming
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    If I recall correctly Dormash Mountains hasn't been played for quite some time and is a map people often enjoy. In terms of new maps, currently the only mapper producing new content is Heinz. I am happy to work with Heinz in order to get these maps up on the server, but Heinz was not very proactive in getting these maps ready to go up on the server and I do not wish to chase him to do so. Furthermore, as previously proven Heinz is not the most trustworthy mapper and as a result each edit he produces needs to be manually checked by a trusted party to ensure no fowl play.
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    That sounds cool, but let me stop you right there chief - how about Normandy for the 40 millionth time?
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    Next update will be out in 2-3 weeks.. depends on how busy I’ll be IRL. That being said. I will release everything separately. Meaning if you want armors only you download armors only. If you want only animations or music you download that. And of course there will AllInOne Pack. Reason for me doing this is simply because some people like the texture pack like armors but not the ground textures or animations/sounds/weapons... which makes them not to use it at all. That’s why I will make everything optional in the next update
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    go back to phoenix to get 5000 mil from foxy so u can buy plate and lose it.
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