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    The Logs Gotfri will be warned for 1st Offense in NRR and I force a refund from 10k from Gotfri to Ike
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    https://gyazo.com/c3c009c5f3403f7f9b176d61198f80a1 Mudyzn will be banned 3 days for Cart blocking and lying on the Complaint.
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    funny how you guys are just being cancer and absolute retards and dont let them get a proper fac up or even let them restock, instead you need to calls banners realy early and cap their castle. Good job killing the server mallister
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    SInce we were at war a few moments ago, I didnt notice that we peaced. I would give you 5k refund since thats the lowest a refund can be. You didnt lose nothing exept a bow you just picked up before I killed u. I dont know what kind of bow it was but I dont think that a bow is worth 50k
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