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    Where's my Spudgun Banner
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    Hello, i was wondering if its possible to have more civil clothing for the shop then in the old shop on Phoenix? and more of the new civil clothings added on the PK mod like the ones in the picture below. Beacuse i notice on most maps they not wery updated on the new civil clothing from PK and mostly just old ones from PW.
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    The complaint has been solved by a server admin. If you disagree with how the complaint was resolved proceed in the following order: Send a private message to the admin that resolved your complaint and try to resolve the situation. Post a staff complaint here if you were unable to resolve the situation with the aforementioned admin. Locked & Moved.
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    20:46:23 - Exit (FID: 6) attacked I_like_to_rdm_commoners (FID: -1) with Warhammer dealing 59 damage. 20:46:24 - Exit (FID: 6) attacked I_like_to_rdm_commoners (FID: -1) with Warhammer dealing 46 damage. 20:46:24 - Exit <img=ico_blunt> I_like_to_rdm_commoners 20:46:24 - Exit killed a member of a friendly faction! Pretty blatant RDM. Banned until appeal.
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    Made the complaint section visible. In regards to passwords, the system in place requires a "Fair" password which is by their definition: I've done some tests and it is quite harsh when it comes to selecting your password. Made it so there are no limitations (there is no lower setting than "Fair" that we could downgrade to).
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    i love polish maps you can play pirate and search for the gold chests. Good Roleplaying Experience!
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    The groups are set up in a way that allows us expansion in the future.
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    • Your name at the time of the incident: Retired_Sea_Raider Their name at the time of the incident: Lorak and Beasthoven The time of the incident (GMT): 9:15-9:25 (pm) The type of the offence (RDM, Combat log, etc): RDM Full story of what happened: I was gold mining when Lorak took my cart from behind me. I turned around and blocked up, because of the lag on my side I may have held an attack at him because I was previously mining; either way I did not hit him. He proceeded to kill me, Beasthoven then killed another player mining and minding his own business by the name of RSmth_Billy_Job_Doe Would you prefer a refund, if so, how much: 50k as I mined 5 gold nuggets Evidence: Logs
    • In PK.js I have incorporated a statistics system to help me monitor the server and ensure everything is going well. I and the other admins that have access to the system find some of the stats interesting so I thought I would share some highlights for everyone to see how the server has grown in the last week... As of me posting this, we have 924 unique GUIDs / player accounts that have connected to the server. Quite interestingly, the growth seems to be remaining at quite a consistent rate, minus some dips during the night time periods. In the last 24 hours, we have gotten another 100 unique GUIDs. It will be interested to see when this begins to level off. These GUIDs are spread over around 1.3k IP addresses. The greater amount of IPs than GUIDs is likely caused by dynamic IP addresses.   The player count over time has shown it's usual peaks and troughs. We reached our peak today with ~178 players, despite issues with lag and map downloads.   The total gold in the economy has gone up steadily due to people's starting gold, however, there is a noticeable sudden increase during the time that Bolton's did a huge gold mining trip. There is currently 142.5 million gold in the economy. Given the amount of starting gold issued per GUID we should expect to see 148 million, so it looks like overall people have spent more gold than they have earned. Note that the amount of pouch gold shows sudden increases / decreases as it only updates when people disconnect from the server.   We current have 11 admins... But, they have already issued 84 bans and 31 warnings.   We also record the amount of gold each individual player has over time for anti duping monitoring. If you are interested in seeing your graph then send me a PM with your GUID and I will send you a copy. I hope you found these statistics as interesting as I did.
    • Considering we're going to be the official PK Server are we allowed to make event Suggestions? If we want to attract more players it'd definitely be a good idea to host events, (I'm not talking about Crusader events btw those are a pain) but just small minor events like... Defending the Lord (25+ guards defending a large amount of loot in an area preferably with a hillside vs whoever wants to fight them) Admin hosted field battles (needed!)
    • Locked the poll as WSE2 is now deployed. I will make another of these in a couple of days to get your opinion on the performance with WSE2.
    • WSE2 has now been put onto the server in today's maintenance with a few other little fixes. Please use this topic to let me know if anything is odd, especially with regards to the server config as I accidentally wiped it, and if you have any immediate feedback in regards to performance or stability. I will make another poll regarding performance in a couple of days so we get some data on the overall effect WSE2 has.
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