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  2. Lol that's funny, kind of want to implement it now
  3. When Hagaron is given a contract to kill the worst assassin in PW history
  4. If you are talking about brute force, it does make a small difference. While brute force attacks can be avoided when using a combination of length and a broad array of character sets. So if you add only one character from another language or from some unicode area, this will slow down the process quite a bit. Since the attacker does not know which character you've chosen he has to either include all characters or he misses some and will never find the password. There are 95 ASCii charactes which are normally used in passwords, A-z upper and lowercase, 0-9, and some special characters like !$%&/()=[]{} etc. If you add unicode characters, there are approximately 137928 more. So your attacker now has to test every character of your password not only for 95 different chars but 137928. No idea how many combinations that are but it's most likely a number we have to google for in order to find out how to pronounce it. Depending on your hardware anything above 6 to 8 characters would be unfeasible anyways as it would take too long, hardware that would surpass this is quite unlikely anyways as in "who wants to get your password if you've chosen one that you do not use anywhere else because of the password rules" Does not make much sense TL;DR Combination of characters and lengths makes a strong password against primitive brute force attacks. So these password rules are not too bad.
  5. Why do passwords even need those characters. It won't make it harder for hackers to find it using brute force. A long password yes but i doubt anyone will guess your password unless you're a complete retard
  6. Pressing "commit suicide" while holding a loaded crossbow; you aim the crossbow up your mouth and shoot yourself
  7. I am making this suggestion because I feel as if plate armour is no longer the go to tank gear. It has too many cons to justify buying it, you are slow, it’s very expensive and it just feels like it never really does the job of being the heaviest gear you can buy. What I am proposing is a slight modification to the body legs and helm of the plate sets. I think this would motivate people to wear it and use it in sieges. It would be nice to see the person who spends the 120k ish to get the full set actually get what he paid for, that ability to properly tank anything longer than the rest of his friends or clan mates. Anyways thanks for reading! Regards, Benjamin
  8. A lot of the gear seems to be a very close imitation of what is already in the mod (with capes added etc.) and some of it is already in the mod. Could you provide us with a link to the OSP pack on the TaleWorlds forum? I would hate to go fishing for items from an existing mod seeing how that could lead to us using assets that aren't OSP in the first place.
  9. Thank you Cap for bringing this up. Also, I would like say that these osps can be easily added in the mod folder and they dont strictly need to be added in the scenes. There's a good benefit with a very small effort in my opinion.
  10. Hi, I'm an administrator of Krenn Roleplay, a roleplaying server that's currently hosted on PK (wlodsforge.proboards.com). We've created a roleplaying environment set in the ages of the Calradic Empire, where the scenario is set in Krenn, a small colony settlement in Vlandia. In our lore, this period was very similar to Europe's own dark ages and so clothing and armor that fits the timeline would benefit a greater roleplaying experience. Wlodowiec, the owner, found a mod called Kingdom that had plenty of dark age clothing and armors and we were wondering if it'd be possible to add some of these in the next update. Also, I'm fairly sure that it'd look good on other servers as well. I've included some pictures below for reference. There are many items like this in the mod that would benefit the immersion of our community, which we would be very grateful for. The pictures below are merely an idea of what we want added, not what we're asking for.
  11. The groups are set up in a way that allows us expansion in the future.
  12. Hello, I wanted to suggest a change, currently multiple name tags (cAuthorGroupIcon css/html) have a pretty weird name, which triggered my OCD. So the changes: Kingdoms Member -> Member (are there any other members here?) PK Developer -> Developer (are there any other devs?) Global Moderator -> Moderator (there are no other moderators) TLDR: The names are excessive and longer than nessecary . Kind regards,
  13. Something gives me the idea that only a finite amount of people want new animations that fit the theme of Warband. Then the large majority just want to "boogy down".
  14. You can do that client side if you want, but I don't really think Fortnite dances would fit the theme of Warband...
  15. what about an animations for shooting myself in the head
  16. Don't you think that would be a slightly OP addition to the mod just for people to take 2 minutes out of their game time to re-train?
  17. I'll have to think about that one, might look a bit silly...
  18. We’ve already fixed this for 1.3.
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