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    Persistent Kingdoms Release



    Persistent Kingdoms Release



    We have reached the point of release.



    New Weapons & Armours

    • 55+ new body pieces added.
    • 40+ new helmets added.
    • 8 new gloves added.
    • 14 new boots added.
    • 4 new horses added.
    • 25 new weapons added.

    New Scene Props

    • New teleport doors have been added that enable people to teleport through them with horses.
    • 55+ new scene props (2 new wall & tower types, skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger props).
    • Dedicated arrow & bolt holder.
    • New civilian and war carts added.
    • 40+ new trees & bushes added.

    Quality Of Life Improvements

    • You can poll yourself lord if the faction is empty.
    • Outlaw faction chat added.
    • Lords can now assign marshals that can help manage the faction.
    • Castle flag capture animation.
    • Basic name labels.
    • Faction members now receive messages when getting keys/announcers & getting kicked/outlawed from the faction.
    • “Drop all” button that drops all your money.
    • Fast inventory transfer (right click).
    • Show pouch to nearby players option.
    • Easy show pouch system.
    • Lockpicked chest notification.
    • Adjusted classes (see “classes” tab).

    Graphical Improvements

    • 50+ new banners added.
    • 20+ new skyboxes added.
    • New terrain borders have been added that improve the immersion and make the maps feel much larger.
    • Existing textures have been replaced to improve the overall look of the game.

    New Roleplay Aspects

    • Music system has been added (playable lute, lyre and horn).
    • Open & close helmet feature support for 6 helmets.
    • Dog model.
    • 2 sitting animations added (on chairs and anywhere).
    • Walking animation added.
    • 10+ roleplay new roleplay animations.

    Server & Admin Features

    • Scene slots have been increased from 14 to 30.
    • Spectator can now be enabled or disabled through server configuration.
    • Admins are now able to restock with admin scalpels.
    • Server owners can now set a percentage of money dropped by commoners and faction members in the server configuration.
    • Admins can now join any factions through the admin menu.
    • 48 new castle names have been added.
    • Private message system that can be enabled/disabled through server configuration.
    • Random gear spawning in chests can now be enabled/disabled.
    • Mute all players option added to the administration menu.

    Implemented An Advanced Log System

    Bug Fixes

    • A bug where freeze walls remain in place after a player logs out has been removed.
    • Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore.
    • Arrows&bolts can no longer prevent chests/tp doors from being used.


    • Default wars have been removed.
    • Default spawn gear has been removed.
    • Arrows & bolts are now a craftable resource. Advanced arrows & bolts now also have smaller quivers.
    • Commit suicide option.
    • Poll cooldown has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails.
    • Confirmation required when joining commoners in the “death” screen.
    • Mute instruments option.




    Outer terrain:








    Helping Hands


    Feel free to download the mod!

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